Brand New LavaLine E-Liquid 50% off Sale!

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Aug 2, 2013
To celebrate 2016 were having a lightning sale on our brand new LavaLine e-liquid. These are four amazing bends by our genius mixologists guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

vape Italy! Experience the sweetness and decadence Italian biscotti, dipped in delicious white chocolate. Hazlenut notes open up to a full-bodied flavour with hints of dried cherry on the finish.

Vape Japan! This wonderful blend begins with mandarin oranges on the inhale, and is then tempered on the palette with sweet hibiscus and a touch of crisp, cherry blossom.

Diamond Head:
Vape Hawaii! A tropical mix of tangy passion fruit, sugared orange and sweet guava nectar. Our signature Hawaiian citrus blend takes on your senses with a powerful, flavour profile.

Vape Iceland! Indulge in an arctic burst of flavour. Cool and refreshing brambleberry skyr opens up the flavours, impeccably matched by just a touch of smooth vanilla and mint aftertaste notes.

Only until Monday the 18th, buy 4 bottles and get 50% off!

Try it today!

LAVA Line e-Liquid - VOLCANO e-Cigs

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