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Bringing Transparency to Life Insurance

Discussion in 'Vaper Insurance Specialist' started by David R Gould, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. David R Gould

    David R Gould Full Member

    Vapers: have you ever set out to make major purchase, done your homework and shopped around, only to find out in the end you still didn't get what you wanted?

    Part of my motivation in working with the vape community is to help people avoid exactly this type of situation when it comes to the purchase of a life insurance policy.

    Here is the status quo: a vaper wanting a life policy does their due diligence online and goes to any number of different insurance web sites. There are certainly some great sites that offer a lot of great information on this topic. So, credibility established, a user then goes to quote themselves by filling out a form to get rates for a specific coverage amount and duration.

    This is where the disconnect, and ultimately the disservice, lies. You see, every single life insurance web site is going to quote a vaper as either a Smoker, in which case the rates are going to be sky high, or as a Non Smoker with the wrong companies, which is going to give a false promise of a very low rate.

    Why is this a problem? People are using these quotes to inform a major financial decision in their lives. A very expensive quote may dissuade some from going any further, cheating their spouse, kids, or business partners out of needed financial protection. A seemingly bargain rate result can lead to the disappointment of finding out later from the agent or worse yet, the insurance carrier further in the process, that the rate cannot be honored.

    To be fair, insurance premiums quoted at the outset are always best guesses, since many factors other than nicotine use will ultimately determine the rate. Health and lifestyle factors need to be evaluated during the process called "underwriting" before an insurer can commit to a binding offer.

    In an effort to bring more transparency to the life insurance purchase process for vapers, specifically those who have not used cigarettes for at least one year, I created a customized Vape Quote System that will compare Non Smoker rates from Vape friendly insurance carriers to the Smoker rates that other companies thrust on Vapers. By providing a more accurate premium estimate than is available on any other online resource, our hope is that vapers will have more confidence in their purchasing decision. To try this out for yourself, please visit

    Thank you and until next time, David.
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