Bubble Island Milk n Straw


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Sep 19, 2022
Bubble Island Milk n Straw
Place of origin: France/ Vapeur France
@Ispy pack: 12/7
Recommended mixing ratio: 8 - 12%
Recommended maturation time: 5 - 7 days
Returning to the long-lost box of @Ispy sir , a strawberry smoothie is the base, which according to the manufacturer is "Malaysian made" and "creamy milk, but above all with striking and fresh strawberry notes". Well, I hope this nice-sounding description is not just an attention-grabbing blurb that may disappoint you when steaming. Sniffing the aroma, the notes seem rather faint. A little strawberry, plus a tiny bit of milky, with a barely perceptible scent. Starting to steam it, I immediately ask myself: where are the "startling and fresh strawberry notes"? On inhalation, you can taste a strawberry flavour, mixed with creamy milk, which doesn't change after exhalation. The strawberries are not bad, quite fragrant all in all, but not sweetened at all, as if they had just been smuggled in. The milk is a bit creamy and tastes like boiled milk. I don't know how the Malays do it, but strawberry milkshake doesn't taste like that here. I would think the drink would be sweeter, creamier and fruitier, but what you get is a drier, fruitier smelling boiled milk with a side flavour aroma. This flavour could have been interesting and tasty, and it was very well thought out, but unfortunately the execution took the flavours in a different direction. So I didn't find anything in the product that I could later say would make a refreshing Malaysian strawberry smoothie one of my favourites.


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