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Buy from Gearbest

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by VapeMaster, Nov 12, 2015.

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  1. VapeMaster

    VapeMaster New Member

    Nov 12, 2015
    I'm speachless...I bought a APC V2 Wooden Box Mod and first of all i was amazed how fast it came i ordered it and it was like five days and it was on my door from china to finland.Second of all the packaging was just amazing there wasn't a scratch on the APC i bought a atomizer too, it came one day later than the APC cause finlands post was on a strike same thing with the packaging not a scratch.Both of them are working just amazing i could not be happier with the products.I can say that if you buy from i can say you will get served well.Links to the products: APC V2 Wooden Box Mod and Mutation x S Style RDA
    submit your own experience on this thread!
  2. retired1

    retired1 Administrator Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 5, 2013
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  3. VapeMaster

    VapeMaster New Member

    Nov 12, 2015
  4. JimzDogz

    JimzDogz Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    QUOTE="JimzDogz, post: 16951978, member: 134415"]Gearbeast sucks balls. Just try to get a refund for a faulty device their money back guaranty is worthless, I know from experience. When my Hcigar VT200 died after 3 days of use I found out what type buisness they are running. Avoid purchasing from this company if at all possible.[/QUOTE]

    Update: Gearbest contacted me today by email. They have offered to refund me $15.00 or credit my account $20.00 if I will just keep the non functioning Hcigar VT200 that I paid $186.00 for from them. My response is HEY, GEARBEST YOUR SITE STATES YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE , I WANT MY MONEY BACK ALL OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Alien Traveler

    Alien Traveler Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 3, 2014
    United States
    My advice: never buy from Gearbest. Good chance to loose money.
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  6. XeniaVaper

    XeniaVaper Senior Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    most credit cards offer protection against such issues, as well as PayPal
    I would take it up with them
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  7. JimzDogz

    JimzDogz Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I did use PayPal for the purchase at Gearbest. But, PayPal requires that I try to resolve a dispute with the merchant before they get involved. I filed a complaint with PayPal yesterday after reaching an impasse with Gearbest. Before bedtime last night I got an e-mail from Gearbest saying they want to help resolve the issue and asking for information on the claim. Ha,ha, the wheels on the bus go round and round. I sent them a copy of all of the correspondences that I have had with them.
  8. Alien Traveler

    Alien Traveler Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 3, 2014
    United States
    Do I need it? Better not to order from Gearbest at all.
  9. Eekins

    Eekins Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Shhhh .. I think someone here works for Gearbest. Join date vs Post date
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  10. Racehorse

    Racehorse ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 12, 2012
    USA midwest
    eh. Some people have good experiences and others don't.

    there is a VERY POPULAR vendor who I wouldn't buy a 2 cent item from.....I"ve been vaping almost 4 years and my experience with them stands out as "the worst in my entire vaping journey."

    That just means that for whatever reason they didn't handle, or were unable to handle, MY (simple) return on a defective battery.

    But I wouldn't recommmend them to my worst enemy as a result. :lol:

    Though obviously, others buy stuff from them all the time, and probably most of it works so they never run into the problem I did. :)

    It's when something doesn't work that you learn about a company's true colors
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