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Catskill Mountain Vapor StoreAyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee vapers. Here is my report of Catskill Mountain Vapor Store. There is it seems a lot of confusion alw

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Positive' started by thefonz, May 9, 2013.

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  1. thefonz

    thefonz Full Member

    Dec 2, 2012
    Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee vapers. Here is my report of Catskill Mountain Vapor Store. There is it seems a lot of confusion always surrounding this company and its owner. It is upsetting to me to see fellow vapers and vendors act so vendictively and harshly, making inaccurate, false and slanderous statements about the company and its owner. Everything I have ever purchased from E-Juice to hardware and accessories I have received. Sometimes it took a while, but I always received my products that I ordered. I have also checked my credit card statements since I started doing business with this company and never saw a transaction posted that I didn't authorize. In fact, one of my orders I accidentally ran twice, and the owner contacted me promptly the next day and issued a refund on the second order. He has always called and discussed my orders with me and I feel that it was a good thing to have superior customer service like this.

    I read some of the bogus and unfounded claims made by some of the so called respected vapers out there, some on YouTube, which made no sense to me. He is indeed blind, and if he is blind, how could he have a DUI record? How could he have a drivers license being blind? And, how could he be someone else named Edward, since I saw his birth certificate which proves to me who he is and where he was born and who is parents are. I tell you that since I have witnessed this for myself, I don't give any respect to those that make false claims and slanderous claims that are simply unfounded and not true. As far as I know, we're supposed to be adults, able to make up our own minds, and we're supposed to be here to help others, not try to destroy them. I don't think any of you out there that do these kinds of things would do this to someone in person, nor would you like it reversed and done to you. Yet some of you think you can hide behind an IP address, a computer and the internet, but it shows the true colors of the people you really are. And if you want to see what I am talking about, go to one of those so called respected websites for doing this and make up a ficticious name, address and location, post a negative report on that person's name, stating that person is a thief, child molester, bank robber, rapist, ex con, whatever, and publish that report without proof, validity and or documentation to prove your statements and see what happens. It gets published, I know I already tried it on someone who doesn't exist. So I hope you see my point here. You can't judge someone based on slander, false statements, character attacks, and just because you don't like him or his company. In fact, I came across his most recent video on YouTube and I am posting it here so some of you can see the fools you made of yourselves. I hope you learn a valuable lesson out of this.


    Proof Of Blindness About Me - YouTube

    Well, that is all for now. I wanted to help clear the record once and for all. Some of you should really be ashamed of yourselves for doing unnecessary damage without knowing the real truth or the person himself.

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