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Choose my 3rd Mod as Dual Battery

Discussion in 'APV and Mods Discussion' started by zSyntex, Mar 7, 2018.

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  1. zSyntex

    zSyntex Full Member

    Nov 29, 2017
    Hi guys, I'm going to sell my second mod (Wismec Releaux RX2/3) because the tri-battery (VTC5) style and power management is too bad on this box, and I cannot stand with my TFV8 on 70-90W for a middle-day.
    So, I'm going to get 35€ (40$ worth it) on Sunday for sold it and other 20€ (23$ cc.) in my pocket to buy another Dual Battery mod.

    Which one should I choose? I spot on some chinese good site (because on nation reseller, they have doubled prices) the DRAG Resina Edition [very cool], Asmodus Minikin V2 Touch and other.. but I'm not going to get another faulty box, because I don't know how they work on my configuration (VTC5+TFV8) :)

    Thanks to anyone who help me choose this and others, and I'm open to new online shop if you could link them! :toast:
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  2. madstabber

    madstabber Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If your asking for a recommendation on a dual 18650 mod then I’d say the Smoant Cylon. Excellent mod that looks good and performs better. If you want a Chinese site to buy from I got mine from 3fvape and was happy with the shipping speed and price. Fasttech is another site that carries the Cylon and is reliable. Good luck
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  3. mrphilip

    mrphilip Full Member

    Sep 29, 2017
    New York, NY
    Volcanoegics has the Modefined Sirius 200watt dual battery mod on sale for $29.99. Works with 18650's and the TFV8 quite well. I have their Prism and at 5,200 puffs since Dec 1, 2017- all of them have been satisfying. Their new Lyra Mod come in Kit version with the Lyra Tank that can use the Big Baby Beast coils. Lyra is an interesting mod made from Ultem so it's translucent. Modefined is the new company started by Lost Vape, the BMW of Mod makers geared toward the buyer with a lower budget... but they don't scrimp on quality. I have a Lost Vape Triade which is nearly identical to the Prism (actually uses same elephant black leather on battery door) and can hardly tell them apart as far as vape experience goes. The same can't be said about my TPriv or Aegis mods which just don't give you the same vape when the mods are using identical tanks a the same wattage (I have 2 Valyrians so it's easy to test). I have the Drag and like it's accuracy very much, but it is as heavy as my triple battery mods. The Minikin is one of Heathen's favorite 3 mods of 2017. I would go with the best bang for the buck mod you can find. One other possibility is the GTRS VBPY 200W TC with the SX500 YIHI chip (don't get the 225w one). It's $66.99 on Gearbest $119.99 at 3fvape... great value right now. The extra wattage capabilty is helpful as it usually means more battery life.

    Drag 166w $53.95 Eightvape
    Minikin V2 180w $69.95 Eightvape
    Sirius 200w $29.99 Volcanoecigs
    Lyra 200w $59.99 Eightvape (kit with tank!)
    GTRS VBOY 200w $69.99 Gearbest
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