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Cig Easy - The only place you need to go!!!

Discussion in 'CigEasy' started by LibertyRevolution, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. LibertyRevolution

    LibertyRevolution Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 28, 2009
    CT, USA
    I wanted to live with my CigEasy for while before writing a review, it has been 20 days now.
    So here is my review of my CigEasy Experience.

    After doing a bunch of research, I was left with 2 choices, the KR808 and the 510.
    I chose to go with the KR808. After making that decision I went out pricing starter kits.

    That is how I found CigEasy, they have the best deal on starter kits. His rock bottom pricing and not needing to wait for sales or coupon codes is what sold me. CigEasy's “Easy Starter Kit” came with everything that I needed, and nothing that I didn’t want. The Easy starter Kit priced at $39.99 is a steal. I got 2 automatic KR808D-1 batteries (280mah), 1 usb charger, 5 prefilled cartomizers with my choice of flavor (15 to pick from), and a free 10ml bottle of e-juice in my choice of flavor (37 to pick from).
    Other’s kits where going for $50-$65, theirs came with only menthol or tobacco flavored carts, no free juice, but did include a wall charger. For me the wall charger would be redundant piece I would never use. I have 4 computers, so I actually have more free usb ports than I do wall outlets.

    I ordered my first Easy starter Kit on Sunday 12/27/09 at 6:30pm. It shipped out on Monday 12/28/09, and before noon on 12/30 I was vaping. This was from CA to CT in basically 2 days. Franks processing and shipping has been faster than anyone else I deal with, even though he is the furthest from me. So far as Shipping goes, Frank is leader of the pack. Longest I have had to wait to receive from CigEasy was 3 day. Frank is the man when it comes to worry free shipping.

    Overall Cost:
    For me The Cig Easy Starter Kit just seemed to be the most stuff for the least amount of cash.
    I spent $45 including shipping, that got me 10 day supply worth of Ry4 juice, and 5 day supply of 5 prefilled Mint cartomizers, a battery to vape with, and one battery to be sitting fully charged in my charger for when the one I am vaping runs low.
    So the first 15 days vaping cost me $3 a day. After day 15, all I need to buy now is juice, and at $4.95 for a 10ml bottle, that’s only going to cost me $0.50 a day to vape. Once I kill some of the Cartomizers I will have to invest in more of those, but at $7.95 for 5 of them that’s only $1.50 each, and they last 3 fills each minimum so they are like $0.50 a day. I see it costing me $1 a day max to vape, and that’s if I throw away every cartomizer after refilling it 3 times. I have cartomizers on their 5th refill already with no signs of wear yet. So it is looking more like $0.80 a day, which is much better than the $8.25 a pack I was paying for analogs.
    [Now don’t get me wrong, I have been spending way too much money trying out everything I can get my hands on. Like any new hobby of mine, I tend to go a bit overboard at the start. My original $45 investment at CigEasy has grown into an extremely expensive hobby of trying and compare everything, from everyone. Right now I have about 40 flavors of juice and miscellaneous hardware from multiple vendors.
    It’s kind of funny, after all the money I spent, and all the stuff I have tried, I still keep going back to the CigEasy Mint.
    So consider yourself warned, trying everything gets pretty darn expensive. If you find something you like, I suggest stick with it, before you end up with a bin full of stuff you won’t use unless you have too…]
    Best Price on Pre-Filled Cartomizers I have found in the USA. Yeah I can get them cheaper from China direct, but I don’t want that hassle, and dealing with paypal only. The other local guy’s empty cartomizers cost more than the prefilled ones CigEasy sells. Franks Prices on empty Cartomizers are the same low price as prefilled, which puts him under everyone else’s prices again. Franks 10ml bottles of 24mg juice are only $4.95. That’s less than $0.50 per ml, these are Rock bottom prices. Batteries are priced to move at $14.95 in your choice of manual, automatic, or usb pass-through. Frank even offers an “EASY AUTO PASSTHROUGH BATTERY KIT”. You get a usb pass-through and 5pack of prefilled cartomizers of your choice for only $19.95. Now that’s what I call a cheap upfront investment to see if you want to get into vaping. For only $20 you could be happily vaping 808 cartomizers at your computer 2 or 3 days from now. His everyday sale price is hard to beat!

    I also like the CigEasy battery better than some of the other 808 ones I tried. Franks are the 2 holed with the grooved center post. It is much quieter (less air noise when sucking) than the other guys 4 holed batteries with solid center post. Theirs seem too airy to me, franks feel like a little harder to draw, but I like that, I used to pack my cigs to make them harder to pull on, and franks batteries give me that same feeling when I draw on them.

    Vapor Production:
    Vapor Production is also very good. I can make clouds of vapor with a slow even draw. Now I will say that vapor on exhale is not at all like my analog, but it only took me a few days before I didn’t care how much vapor I saw when I exhaled. The throat hit is there. I see the vapor on inhale, and you feel it in the chest. If you dont inhale, and just puff on it like a cigar, you can make clouds just like on all the youtube videos that you see. I think that’s their trick, they don’t inhale when making them videos when they are blowing huge clouds and vape rings.

    Cigeasy USB Pass-Through:
    This is one of my favorite new toys. You know how after you take your battery off the charger those first few vapes are so awesome, well this thing feels that way every time. I do seem to go through more juice when using the pass-through; cartomizers tend to get warm faster, so I’m thinking that this is running at or near 5v. I add 3 or 4 drops in to my cart before putting it onto the usb pass-through to keep the cartomizer wet, but I love the flavor and the hit off the pass-through. I would totally recommend one to anyone that spends time at a computer.

    CigEasy Portable Charging Case:
    Works greats and keeps my batteries topped off all day long at work. Whenever I switch cartomizer flavor, I just swap batteries into the PCC at the same time. Case is sturdy, and clasp is tight, feel like a solid product, not at all cheap or flimsy. I like the plain black with silver edge design. Its size is good, its comparable to the pack of 100's I used to carry as far as length and width goes, only its thinner, so it actually takes up less room than my pack did in my pocket. This PCC with the 2 standard CigEasy batteries is all I need to carry, its great!

    CigEasy juices:
    Well I will have to admit that so far I have only tried the Ry4 and the Mint. Mint is great, I like it a lot. It is very Minty, not so much menthol, which is great, because I tried some other menthols and they are too much like cough drop menthol. Ry4, its a nice tobacco flavor, with some sweetness to it. I like it, but I’m moving away from tobacco flavors. I have given most of my ry4 to a friend that just got into vaping. I sent the 10ml bottle ry4 I got as a bonus on one my orders to him along with his Easy Starter Kit, so he has 20ml of ry4 now. He loves it and it is his all day vape. For me Mint is my all day vape. My friend was a USA Gold light 100's smoker, I was a Newport smoker. So maybe that’s why he prefers the Ry4 and I prefer the mint.

    The Freebies that frank tosses in may be fewer than some of the other guys, but he always sends me things I like and can use. For example, I ordered a bunch of Ry4 cartomizers, Frank threw in a free 10ml bottle of Ry4 juice. I ordered mint cartomizers, and 30ml of mint juice, Frank sent me a bonus bottle of chocolate mint. The other guys send me things like pink lemonade cartomizer, or blueberry, or pomegranate, or something else I have no desire to even vape, even for free. It is like Frank sees what you are ordering and tosses in something that he thinks you will use, while the other guys toss you things they can’t move off their shelves.

    KR808D-1 in General:
    Now let me review the KR808D-1. I was debating between the Kr8 and the 510, and I’m happy with my decision. I think this is a great starter PV. It is so user friendly when on the road or at work. The simplicity of the 2 piece is great for a newbie like myself. I love being able to switch flavors just by screwing on a different cart. Not having to deal with worrying about flavors staining attys, or having to wash them is great. Refilling them is easy, just pop off the white end cap, pull out the rubber washer and drip a few drops down the side of the cartomizer. I filled my first cart in less than 3mins. Now it takes me less than a min, just drip, spin, and ready to go. The Kr8 has fewer parts to deal with then the 3 piece ones, so less to go wrong. Flavor is great from the cartomizer, and flavored cartomizers are available from many vendors, and they are interchangeable with the CigEasy batteries. Each cartomizer holds 1ml of juice, and that will last me all day, although I do carry 2 different flavored cartomizers in my PCC. At the end of the night, neither of my cartomizers are empty, and I just add a few drops of liquid to each and close them up, that way morning I am good for another day of vaping.

    Final Thoughts:
    Frank over at CigEasy is the man!!!! A+ Rating from me.
    I have, and will continue to, recommended CigEasy to friends and coworkers.

    Frank, you need to send me some business cards.
    I am tired of writing your website down on scraps of paper for everyone that asks me about my Easy E-Cig.
  2. blondeambition3

    blondeambition3 Vaping Master ECF Veteran Verified Member

    Dec 29, 2009
    FL, USA
  3. Mary*Ann

    Mary*Ann Full Member

    Apr 18, 2013
    CIG EASY IS REALLY OUTSTANDING:toast:I ordered a kit and got it basically the next day !! FABULOUS!! ;)
  4. SSV2

    SSV2 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Pleasantville, USA

    I don't even know how Frank can crank the orders out that fast? I mean he is like 100 years old! j/k
    He is like some sort of freaking cybernetic organism!
    The guy is often up half the night chatting it up with his cronies in China discussing future upcoming product developments then up at the crack of dawn printing out invoices..etc. (unclear to whether he actually eats or sleeps?):unsure:
    Due to the ever increasing volume of orders being shipped daily he has hired more bodies to help with some of the daily operations though bad heart and all that guy is unstoppable when it comes to making sure every order is packed maticulously and transported to the main shipping hub to ensure all customers get their vaping gear asap!

  5. Barto

    Barto Moved On ECF Veteran

    Aug 4, 2011
    It's great, isn't it!

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