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To participate in the Classifieds a member must go through the process of becoming a Verified Member - INSTRUCTIONS

It is YOUR responsibility to stay informed of constant updating being made to this "RULES" posting that occurs OFTEN and without notice !!

To receive notice of updates to the rules, subscribe to my the Classified Blog thread, all updates will be posted here.

UPDATE: Profiteer prevention and complaint report forms. Please read here for more information

Profiteer Report Form
Classified Complaint Form

  • Never UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES evade the PayPal fee by using the 'Pay as a Gift', 'Payment Owed' function or similar. This makes the transaction free for the seller but you have NO COMEBACK WHATSOEVER with PayPal. Pay the extra and get protection. If you don't do this, they can ignore you as you didn't pay them for their service. A free service has no safeguards - how can it?
  • Always get a full name, address and phone number for the seller if the cost is over, say, $50. It is your responsibility to confirm these are genuine BEFORE paying.
  • Please NOTE VERY CAREFULLY that all Classified members are now verified. ECF has the member's information and can assist law enforcement should this be necessary. Please use the complaint form to report and request assistance in resolving transactions gone bad.
  • Please do not ask about involving the Police in cases of theft if you did not take the basic precautions of confirming their name, address and phone number, and pay the 'safety' fee at PayPal. If you have those confirmed details we will certainly assist all we can and if that means involving the Police, we will. Without those details we can't help.
  • ECF, the E-Cigarette Forum, provides no guarantee or other warranty of fitness for pupose or safety provision or safeguard of any kind whatsoever for the Classifieds section and sales within it. It is a free service. THE RISK IS THE BUYER'S ALONE. Please carefully note the points above and comply with them in ful
  • Seller will not be held accountable for lost shipments due to confiscated shipments by Customs or any other official organization similar. DO NOT under any circumstances file a dispute with Paypal without first attempting to resolve the matter on the forum with the host or with Classifieds/CO-OP staff.
High Dollar Classifieds Transactions
**REMINDER - The Classifieds is a buyer beware and we cannot be responsible for recovery of lost merchandise nor money.**
  • A high dollar amount on ECF Classifieds will be any amount over $1,000.
  • High dollar transaction must be pre-approved before posting in the Classifieds. Send message for approval.
  • An escrow service must be used with any high dollar transaction. (This is for the protection of the buyer and seller)

If the transaction goes bad, we ask that you notify us via the Classified Complaint Form. If you used an escrow service as advised, you will use this service to dispute the transaction but if the buyer or seller is at fault, we will act accordingly to protect the membership.

**To the seller: We recommend creating a video of packing and preparing your shipment to have should a dispute arise.
**To the buyer: We recommend creating a video upon arrival of package and unpacking of the shipment.
These videos may not be needed but it would be better to be safe, than sorry.

General Rules
  • All other forum rules still apply to the Classifieds section.
  • ECF Classifieds is a non-profit platform and profiting on the Classifieds is in violation of the Classified rules.
  • Suppliers and Modders may NOT sell any products in the Classifieds section. We understand regular members occasionally build mods, use them, and then move on to other devices. We do allow members to build, use, and then sell their mods in the Classifieds but the limit is a maximum of 1 homemade mod ever 90 days. If you are found selling your homemade mods more often, you will be infracted for being an unregistered supplier.
  • You may not build mods with the purpose to sell them in the classified section. Building to sell defines you as a supplier and requires you to register as such. Once registered as a Mod Builder(Supplier), you may sell your mods in the Modder/Accessories Supplier Forum.
  • Only e-cigarettes, e-liquid, and e-cigarette accessories may be sold or traded in the Classifieds section.
  • Snus products are an acceptable smoking alternative and will be allowed in the Classifieds.
  • You may not link or advertise your ad outside the Classifieds section.
  • You may not post links to other classifieds or non-retail sites. This doesn't apply to retailers when used for an example in your ad.
  • You must not post email address, phone numbers, or addresses. This is for your protection.
  • You must have possession of items you intend to sell.
  • Buying bulk to resell in the Classifieds is prohibited. The purpose of the Classifieds is for member to sell used and unused merchandise no longer needed or wanted.
  • Anyone posting multiple quantities for sale, or very frequently and with similar items for sale, may be considered a supplier. This will incur infractions or may even risk a ban. For large quantities, seek pre-approval. Send message for approval.
  • No brokering. You are not allowed to buy, sell, or trade for others, this would define you as a supplier for providing a service.
  • Once your classified listing is complete, please close your thread so that we might move the thread to the closed sub-forum.
1. Go to your classified thread.
2. Click "Thread Tools" just above your first post.
3. Uncheck the box "Open"
The thread will now be closed
  • Items being recalled by manufacturer or devices known to be defective should not be listed for sale in the Classifieds unless full disclosure is included in the post. These items should be sold as "Non-Working" and described thoroughly in the description.
  • CO-OP items can be resold in the Classifieds but pricing rules apply, no selling over your total cost. If you are a CO-OP host and have bulk leftover after CO-OP, please contact me before listing the items.
  • Counterfeit products will not be allowed to be sold, bought or traded on ECF, no matter if the item is described as such or not (see definitions below). Items being sold should never be misrepresented, for example listing a counterfeit product as the authentic product. Members found knowingly misrepresenting a cloned device as authentic WILL lose their Verified Member status and may risk being banned from ECF. Ads found listing a counterfeit product will be closed and member advised of violation.
- Counterfeits will basically be an exact replica or a very similar copy of the original and not so much tied to the shape as it is more the markings. The shape would come into play if there are unique characteristics of the device shape. This can include grooves, cutouts, coloring, or trademarks in specific locations.

Can be similar in size, shape (unless shape is unique) and even design but will not contain the same markings or colors. As long as the device can be distinguished as different from the original entirely, it will be considered acceptable. The device should be absent of all characteristics contained in the original, to include grooves, cutouts, coloring, shape if unique, and/or trademarks.

  • You may not maintain user's email or home address beyond a current transaction without permission from the member. Unsolicited contact will not be tolerated.
  • No "Feelers". Either you want to buy/trade/sell or you do not. If you are undecided, then don't post.
  • You are allowed to have up to four (4) active/open threads in the Wanted and For Sale/Trade sub-forums combined.
  • You may not request Paypal payment via gift, payment owed, or another means that prevents the buyer from contesting the purchase. If you send the seller money using any method that voids you from any protection and you never hear from seller or the package gets lost, you will not be able to get your money back.
  • Bidding on items is strictly prohibited you must state the price of the item(s) you are trying to sell. Even if you are willing to accept a best offer, state the maximum price so that other members will have an idea of how much money you are expecting to receive for the item(s).
  • You must be able to keep a check on your thread. If more than 7 days pass with you not responding to post, your thread may be in danger of being closed.
  • No asking for fees to be paid by the buyer. If you require the buyer to pay the Paypal fees, include this in your asking price on the form to simplify the transaction.
  • At least one picture must be posted of the item you are trading/selling. Posting no picture will cause your ad to be closed and removed from the Classified section. Stock photos will not be acceptable, you must post pictures of the actual item. This shows proof of condition to protect you and the buyer.
  • Must adequately describe the item(s) being sold.
Like New - No scratches, possible never used or used very little, and completely functional.
Good - Minor scratches, some evidence of use, and completely functional.
Fair - Noticeable scratches, noticeable use, and functional.
Poor - May be damaged or worn considerably, should be functional, may be modified, and should not be considered dependable.
Non-Working - Self explanatory.​

  • Is not allowed to ask for payment via gift/payment owed/or other means leaving buyer unprotected.
  • Must properly pack item for protection.
  • Must obtain proof package was shipped. It is highly recommended that adequate insurance is purchased, tracking added, and the package be handed to shipper in person. A receipt for postage will not be enough. Take these suggestions into account when determining your asking price.
  • Must handle filing claim if package is lost during shipment.
**Ultimately, it's the seller's responsibility to make sure the buyer receives the item(s) bought.**

Buyer's Responsibilities/Recommendations
  • Never pay via gift/payment owed/or other means leaving you unprotected. If a seller request this type payment, please report the thread or PM.
  • If tracking or insurance isn't being offered, ask for it to be added. Protect yourself.
  • If a transaction goes bad, attempt to resolve the matter with the seller before involving staff. Do not involve other members with the matter, this can end badly for all involved. If the matter cannot be resolved, please file a complaint. Classified Complaint Form
**Accidents happen, so give the seller a chance to help resolve the matter**

Posting Etiquette
  • Keep your posts on topic. Discussions should be taken into the appropriate forum.
  • Thread hijacking will not be tolerated. If you have an item to sell or trade, make your own thread and list it there. This includes linking or mention of a sale thread or site that is currently selling.
  • Negative posts about the price or quality etc of items being sold by other members will not be tolerated. If you feel the price is more than you are willing to pay, use the Profiteer Report form.
  • It is recommended, although not required, to make a post in a thread when negotiating a transaction via PM. Should the transaction fail to be successful, this makes record of your activity should ECF need to look into a matter of defraud. A simple message stating you have sent a message will suffice.
  • It is never acceptable to offer an item for sale then sell to a higher bidder. This will also include inflating the price beyond reason and stating OBO. If you are found to skip a buyer in favor of a higher offer, this will be considered an auction and is a violation of Classified rules, under "New Threads". All offers should be considered on a first come, first served, basis.
  • First come, first served basis doesn't mean seller must sell to the first member to contact them. It is the seller's prerogative to sell to whom they feel most secure selling to.
Bumping Rules
  • If your post has nothing new or constructive that contributes to the thread, it will be considered a bump.
  • You are permitted to "bump" your thread(s) ONCE every 12 hours.
  • You are allowed a maximum of nine (9) bumps, at which point your thread will be locked.
  • You may NOT create a new thread for 3 days if your previous one has been locked by an ECF staff member.
Additional Information
  • If you need to change the title of your thread, please PM one of the section moderators.
  • Once a transaction is complete, it is highly encouraged that you use the iTrader feedback system we have in place.
  • If you have any questions or comments on the new section rules and guidelines, please PM a section moderator.
  • Any threads that have run their course will be locked. **Stagnate or dead threads (no activity within and/or OP fails to respond in 7 days) will be locked and pruned (moved to closed)**
  • Do not post emails or addresses in the ad, send a message.
  • When using PayPal, NEVER pay by using the "Send as a present or gift or payment owed" option because you have no comeback if the seller defaults. You MUST use the full payment method no matter what excuse the seller gives. No one can help you if your item does not arrive, if you ignore this advice. Be prepared to pay a little more, to cover the PayPal fee, instead of risking all your money.
  • ECF DOES NOT COVER YOU but can assist in cases of fraud. Please use the Classifieds complaint form linked in the beginning in the thread. The Classified section remains "Buyer Beware".
If you choose to participate in the Classifieds section of ECF, you do so at your own risk. The staff and owner of ECF are not responsible or liable for any property or money that may have been lost as a result of a transaction made in the Classifieds section.
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