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Coming back into the fold... what's new? eGo & clearomizer suggestions

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by well.rested, Dec 4, 2013.


Which Clearomizer?

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  2. Kanger ProTank-II Mini

  3. Other (please specify in comments)

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  1. well.rested

    well.rested Full Member

    Sep 27, 2013
    Gainesville, GA
    Hello Vaping Veterans! (those who have been vaping for awhile, as well as any who served ;-)

    I first got into vaping about four years ago, when models first started to come out of China. I started with a cheap cartridge system that tasted like ashes and styrofoam. Didn't last long, obviously, decided I'd wait awhile for the technology to mature and take a little more time to work my lungs into that lovely beef jerky texture that smokers strive for.

    About two years ago, I heard of a vaping store near me (AwesomeVapor, nice folks though they don't always stock the most current gear...) and picked up an eGo set w. Vision tanks. I was really excited... for about a month. While I loved the selection of flavors, the relatively low cost (vs. cartridges), I've had issues with the Vision-style tanks ever since. The tube gets liquid into it, making hitting it difficult (or causing me to draw e-liquid into my mouth... haven't been that dizzy since my first cowboy killer, back in the day...), the battery connection almost always has a film (or more) of liquid on it, or the minor flexing that occurs in my pocket bends the "post" (the metal segment with the wicks, in the center of the Vision unit), causing leaks & poor performance.

    While I've kept the eGo kit and use it sometimes (when smoking at the office would be difficult or on long car-trips, the movies, etc.), I do not carry it on a regular basis and still burn my beloved American Spirit Organics.

    I like the form-factor of the eGo, and still have two batteries that work fine, so I'm not ready to get into mod units or the larger set-ups. I'm looking at getting a couple of VV batts (either eGo-VV or Vision Spinner; they seem to be pretty much identical excepting the voltage markings).

    What I've been trying to narrow down is the tank I want to use. I've browsed the forums extensively and see many recommended; each style seems to have its fans, but I'm hoping for a more... clear answer from the Vets here.

    My two contenders are the eGo-CC tank which came out fairly recently and the Kanger Protank II. While I suppose I could just use one of each and make up my own damn mind, money is not an abundant resource at my house and I'd rather just get something I like in the first place... Ideally, with info from someone who has experience with both.

    A few details:

    - Leaking: Whichever clearomizer I go with, I don't want it to leak, at all, ever. The only leak reports I've seen skimming through forums have to do with improper use or dramatic altitude changes. Anyone agree/disagree with this?

    - Ease of use: I've heard that the eGo-CC can be difficult to refill. Not a deal-breaker, but the ProTank looks dead-simple.

    - Vacuum?: I've seen mention to maintaining a vacuum, IIRC in both units, that if the reservoir drops below a certain level it breaks some sort of vacuum seal and the unit can leak. Anyone have any experience with this?

    - If it matters, I often vape the High Caliber brand of liquid. I think it's thinner than many others, but I don't have very much experience to go on (only vaped HC and the stuff that AwesomeVapor makes on-site).

    I think that's all I meant to ask... I really do appreciate the knowledge base presented by this site (and this sub-forum in particular); it's a real mire out there of options, manufacturers & branding, knock-offs, etc. etc.

    Long of wind (but short of breath),
  2. tmcase

    tmcase ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 20, 2011
    Rave's neighbor!
    I haven't tried the ego-cc but I have used the protank 2 and it leaked and gurgled for me, not to mention the muted flavor. I'm a clearo hater but I do like the Aspire line of clearo tanks. The dual coil is in a little canister that you just screw into the base and fill from the bottom. It couldn't be simpler. Since there is no filler material you get a very nice vape and tons of vapor. I've heard people say they are getting weeks out of these heads although I get about 5 - 6 days as compared to 2 days with a carto. My juice is sweet so the coils gunk up faster.
  3. H Niemand

    H Niemand Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2011
    Philly PA
    I use mostly EVODs, a BCC, and DCTs. When my EVODs leak, the coil needs to be changed. With light juices I get a week or more out of them. I get another week by giving them a hot water rinse and a soak in PGA. The coils are 2.52 or less each. Just picked up 5 from Litecig for 1.75 each. I'm also waiting for a Pyrex DCT from Mt.Baker that was 12.00.
    BTW, I chain vape!
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