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Coming soon to GP ** Look out!

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Full Member
Jan 6, 2010
Do either of these compare to halo Freedom juice? I'm getting ready to re-order but I might try one of these from our friend Rob.

Perique Blend tobacco 22mg (Reduced PG)
Soothing flavorful blended tobacco taste.
Exciting levels of light licorice and special spices.
Surrounded by heavy dense throat hit and medium to medium high vapor.
70/30-PG/VG may add to sweetness and concentrated hit.

Smooth Cuban 22mg (PG)
Rich cream flavored vapor with a touch of vanilla and a dab of tobacco.
Almond raining on the inside of your mouth!
Feel the numbing effect on the tip of your tongue, as you wallow in the mood.
Smooth flavor and TH, smooth vapor and Smooth Cuban!

Rob @ GP


Unregistered Supplier
ECF Veteran
Apr 15, 2009
Ephrata PA USA
GP will have these flavors available be the end of the week, I will keep you updated.

GP 100% USA made liquid.
Available in 11mg, 24mg and 36mg
PG based-30ml bottles
(3ml or smaller than 30ml samples may also be available)

Gypsy Toast

Also available:
50mg Unflavored
Available in 30ml bottles and smaller bottles
PG based
VG based


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ECF Veteran
Apr 15, 2009
Ephrata PA USA
When can we expect more 30ml 24mg green tea?


Sorry to say that GP only has Dekang Green tea in 18mg and 11mg.
we do offer it in our "NEW" Liquid by Keemer 24mg in 5ml only.
If the demand is high enough, I can start stocking it in larger size bottles.

At the moment, GP will not be restocking DeKang liquid,
as we will be replacing it with GP 100% USA made Liquid.

GP will continue to stock "NEW" Liquid by Keemer, since more prefer it over DeKang.

Hope all understand, and we will be putting the DeKang on sale, with a great closeout price.

We now have our "NEW" Liquid available in 30ml bottles and 50ml bottles of the favorite flavors. (Just put in-stock)


Super Member
ECF Veteran
Jan 23, 2010

I will ship out tomorrow,
do you have a preference to manual or auto batts?
or do you want me to send you a little of each?

Prefer autos but if you need to throw in manuals to get the count right, that's ok. I ordered the manual kits because it looks like you are out of the autos. That's ok too, I'm just looking to get them asap and wanted to spend some cash with you.
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