companies without phone numbers...

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mr quackums

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Dec 17, 2009
    its not a matter of "we have internet so we dont need a phone" its a matter of "i dont want my work to screw up my personal life."

    when my aunt and uncle used to raise and sell cattle they would get called a few times a day and everything would have to stop for one of them to answer the phone, and if it was a customer then life would be put on hold for the next half hour.

    i can imagine running a business from home and getting tired of that real soon.


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    Nov 10, 2009
      If a business has email and then offers a phone to call with the notice that email is much faster and calls will be returned in a certain time frame(24-48 hours) I am completely happy.I use a dead line for that reason and just call and get the messages nightly so it does not interfere with my mojo.If there is no phone number its fine too, with the way things are nowadays its a convience to all not to use the phone much .
      Of course this is coming from a person who always give out 765-4321 as his contact phone number to a salesperson who asks for it.
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