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Cuttwood x MVG 10k Fan Appreciation Contest

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Oct 13, 2016
From our blog.

We are pleased to inform you that Cuttwood is sponsoring a Fan Appreciation contest which runs through August 27. The contest features cash prizes totaling $10,000 (U.S.), including a grand prize of $5,000 (U.S.). All customers (worldwide) are eligible to participate in the contest. The five most creative posts will win.

Contest Rules:
1. Take a picture on Instagram at the "Go-To" shop where you purchase Cuttwood e-liquids. (since we are an online shop, we urge you to get as creative as possible to show you shop here)
2. Make sure you tag 3 friends, the shop where you buy Cuttwood, and @cuttwood
3. Use the hashtag, #Cuttwoodcash on your post
4. Follow @cuttwood
5. Be Creative

The Prizes:
1st place: $5,000 cash
2nd Place: $2,500 cash
3rd Place: $1,500 cash
4th Place: $750 cash
5th Place: $250 cash

In addition to Cuttwood's Contest, ShopMVG will provide any ShopMVG customer who wins with a $100 Gift Card to our shop. To qualify, you must tag @shopmvg and be following our Instagram Account
No fake / giveaway accounts or private profiles. You must be of legal vaping age to enter. All contest entries must be posted by 7:00pm Pacific Time on August 27, 2017.
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