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Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini. "The Dynast Of Ta-Kemet"

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vape Path, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    Hello, guys!;)

    Today I would like to talk about another interesting device from Digiflavor, who have concentrated on flavor side of their devices for the last time, and try to invent devices, which could be really tasty and functional.
    As a fact, the fashion of naming devices by Gods and cult personalities is really popular among manufacturers, and today I have the other representative of Pharaohs` family – Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini atomizer. So, let me present its review to all of ya ;)
    It came to me in a small black box, which is stylized under the brickwork of the pyramid, which has a beautiful Pharaoh face on the face side, and some important usual info on the back side.

    As for set, it`s really rich and I thank Digiflavor, that they care about customers, trying to please them.
    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini set:
    1 * Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini atomizer;
    1 * 810 red drip tip;
    1 * Adapter to 510 drip tip;
    1 * 510 drip tip;
    1 * Shaft extender;
    1 * Spare glass for 2 ml;
    1 * Glass tube for 5 ml;
    1 * Key for shaft screwing;
    1 * Multi-screwdriver;
    4 * Spare springs;
    3 * Spare screws;
    18 * О-rings;
    1 * User manual​

    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini is a device of good quality and assembly without backlashes, with high quality painting and of middle sizes.
    The use in one-coil mode and 24 mm diameter are really prospective and will help to connect atomizer to not really functional devices. Of course, in future, you can buy some other decks, but I think, that two-coil mode will be more voracious. And this is provided that such a one coil use is demanding too (for example, I use SS Fused clapton).
    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini parameters:
    Height: 52 mm;
    Diameter: 24 mm;
    Capacity: 2 or 5 ml;
    Colors: Black, Silver​

    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini consists of 8 parts: of base, deck, glass tube, chamber, shaft, filling ring, top cap and drip tip.

    The base has a bottom airflow with some notches and a thread inside for to fix deck. The ring has a middle stroke, stopper at the ends and stroke in each position.


    Changeable deck with clamp racks allows us to set one coil of middle sizes and about 3 mm diameter. Of course, you can try to set the coil about 3,5 mm, but I think you`ll have to be a really accurate for to avoid short circuit.
    At the bottom there is a grid hole of airflow, and this`s made not just for design, but crossbeams will be able to hold a part of the condensate, which will evaporate when the coil will be heated.
    Fixing screws are durable, clamps are spring-loaded, and this is really convenient (as am I right some last Wotofo atomizers had such a system without springs, and this wasn`t comfortable).
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Atomizer can work with 2 and 5 ml capacity. This`s made with the help of 2 types of glass tube. Moreover, 2 ml version has a spare one, and this is good! Both of them are of a middle width and made of Pyrex glass.

    The chamber has a spherical treatment, and this, of course, affects flavor, making it better. Plus here a not really big evaporating chamber and profit: We have a really tasty device. Only think, if you use Pharaoh Mini with 2 coils! Wow…
    On the face we see Pharaoh`s face and on the back – the name of the device - «Pharaoh». At the bottom there are two holes, which control feeder delivery. My advice is, when you don`t use atomizer – close it completely or for 80%, or you can reach the cotton over-feeding.
    The shaft fixes to a chamber with the help of thread and also fixes the filling ring with 3 large holes, which allows to fill Pharaoh Mini even from the bottle.
    Top cap appears itself as a construction, which`s made of 2 circles, which make a nails, which help to service atomizer.
    As for drip tips, the set has 3 of them – two of 810 type and one of 510, which works with the help of complete adapter and can make the puff tighter.
    The coil and cotton build isn`t difficult. All you need to do – is to fix the coil and put the cotton roll tips into special inserts. Then – enjoy your favorite juice!

    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini specifications:
    Base: Changeable deck for one coil;
    Airflow: Bottom;
    Filling: Top;
    Thread: of 510 type, uncontrolled pin;
    Drip tip: 810 or 510 (with adapter)

    Quality and assembly;
    Rich set;
    No leaks;
    Bottom airflow;
    Easy service;
    Variable capacity;
    The deck can be changed;

    No deck for two coils in set;

    I haven`t tested the last version of Pharaoh, but know, that there were two camps. Some people said, that it had good flavor, and the other said, that it was blurred. Well, I can assure all of you, that Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini has a good flavor, and it`s more tasty, than Zeus RTA, on my opinion.
    I have no critical comments about assembly and quality – they`re of a high level. The set is rich and it would be great, if Digiflavor provided customers also with deck for two-coil use ;)
    As for leaks, well, you can find some condensate here, but leaks -no, I hadn`t them while use it, and this is really good! Of course, some micro-snot can be found because of cotton overfeed, but they`are really rare and because of your curved hands.
    I really like Pharaoh Mini and am sure, that it will find lots of fans, but there is one bad comment, that the price is pretty high and is about 47$. So, you are free to decide whether to buy it or not.​

    You can buy Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini here.
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