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Disposable changer? The world's first dual-falvor pod - Vozol D2

Discussion in 'Elegomall' started by Pheric, Mar 10, 2020.

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  1. Pheric

    Pheric Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2016
    Hi ECF members, Kind a special day since today I gonna share something special which called Vozol D2 disposable pod. I got some of these pods from my friend who's the main designer of it. He wants me to taste and send some feedback.

    Before we wholesale this tiny pod, I didn't give much attention, I mean a disposable pod with no cyclic utilization, and no filling or wicking...... So I just send it to my father a smoker over 30 years. So a week's later, he called me asking for more pods. I'm surprised and decided to take a look at this pod.

    As vozol official claimed, D2 is the world's first dual-flavour pod. Kind Interesting, I figure it out that it has two independent liquid containers and dual mouthpieces so that you could enjoy 2 flavors in one device.

    Pic 1.png

    Here list some specifications:

    Battery: 370mAh (official puffs 400-500)
    Liquid: 1ml for each side, 2 ml in total
    Nic strength: 5%
    Size: 60.5x43x10mm
    Weight: 35g
    Shelf life: 12 months
    Four flavor combinations:
    The classic - Refreshing mint + American tobacco
    Iced summer - Cool melon + Iced mango
    Merry berries - Blueberry bomb + Sweet strawberry
    Yummy blast - Vanilla cream + Iced latte

    Pic 2.png

    What make this tiny pod special?

    Usually, disposable is nothing but simple. Unlike the hotest sell pods, Fogg vape disposable or VGOD Stig pod ... etc, Vozol D2 is different.

    First, dual container and dual tips. The real thing realizes 2 in 1. I can’t help wish it were a refillable one so I could fill my own 2 favorite juices. No mess taste and longer using.

    Pic 3.png
    Second, a disposable pod with a chip inside, that's awesome. It's said that the chip is set for intelligent detection of e-juice remaining to protect you from dry-hit due to the unseen liquid.

    Pic 4.png

    Third, insulation sheet. It's a considerate point which is designed for keeping secure stocks. With the sheet, no worry about power loss.

    Pic 5.png

    My thought about it

    Honestly, I haven’t used it for a long time cause I can’t stand such a strong throat-hit. But the aroma of the flavors is excellent. The airflow is tight but the cloud is massive than I thought. Almost good as stig or fogg I used before.

    Also I interviewed my father. He told me that the tobacco flavor is much similar to the real cigarette and the throat hits are satisfied. Almost every taste manifests what it's named (lol, funny description). I asked him is there any spit back or leaking problem? He said no spit back but burst sounds when first inhale, and leaking? no obvious leak during the whole use.

    For most vapers, they won’t take disposables into consideration, but this one I think it’s worth trying if you wanna a short tour without bringing heavy box or tank. And for all starters, Vozol D2 pod may be the best alternative.

    In a word, this is a creative and flavorful pod worth your trying.


    If you're interested in D2 wholesale, here to enter
    To know more about Vozol: Vozol Instagram, Vozol Facebook
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