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[DIY Tutorial] How to Do Double Clapton Wire DIY with 28 & 38 Gauge Resistance Wire?

Discussion in 'Voopoo' started by VOOPOO_Thea, Nov 26, 2018.

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  1. VOOPOO_Thea

    VOOPOO_Thea Brand Manager ECF Veteran

    Dec 1, 2016
    Are you a DIY guy?
    Have you ever tried to make Fused Clapton Wireoils yourselves with wires?
    A Clapton coil is a vape wire consisting of a core of wire tightly wrapped by, usually, a thinner gauge wire.

    Today we are going to show you guys how to make how to Do RDA Vertebraid Coil DIY with 28 & 38 Gauge Resistance Wire.

    There are several reasons why Clapton coils are so popular: they can increase flavor, increase cloud production, they have better longevity, they can look cool and are fun to make.

    The increased cloud production is caused by the large increase in surface area. All of the nooks and crannies of the outer wire creates increases the surface area of the otherwise bare wire by quite a bit. This increased surface area is essentially exposing more wire to juice which allows it to heat a larger amount of juice at the same time, increasing vapor production.

    This is partially why a Clapton coil can have more flavor as well. The flavor from a Clapton coil can have more depth to it since they allow you to taste more notes in your juice. Think of it this way: at certain temperatures, different notes of your juice come out which is why it is good to adjust your power a little bit every time you change flavors. In a Clapton coil, the core will heat up much faster than the outer wire, allowing you to taste flavors that come out at higher power levels, while at the same time tasting flavors that come out at lower power levels.
    You just need to prepare some simple tools to make it.

    Please watch this video carefully, any questions, welcome to comment below.
    Try it yourselves.

    Mod: VOOPOO Resin TOO Tank: Pericles RDA

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