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Do not vape oil, no matter who sells it.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Vape Products' started by bnrkwest, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. bnrkwest

    bnrkwest ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 6, 2011
    Somewhere out there
    Vape oils are all over the Internet. No matter who sells it, do not vape oils. Our lungs cannot handle oils. Oils are for oral use not vape use.
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  2. bnrkwest

    bnrkwest ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 6, 2011
    Somewhere out there
    Sorry double post! The problem is the term "oil". Never vape actual oil like hemp oil. PG/VG only for vaping.
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  3. Kprthevapr

    Kprthevapr Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 1, 2015
    On the River, GA
    CBD isolates are easy to buy online, and can be mixed just like making your normal vape juice. It's much safer to mix your own and more cost effective as well.
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  4. DJ Colonel Corn

    DJ Colonel Corn The Vapor Ninja Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    OK big problem here.

    This 'oil' you speak of.... has been used for in the United States since the 1800s.

    This latest rash of illness is credited to ONE source using vitamin E oil in their cartridges.
    The other millions of cannabis 'oil' vapers have been just fine.
    So, to be clear, lets discuss what you mean by 'oil'.

    Cannaibs concentrate comes out oily. There are no ingredients aside from cannabis. The solvent has been removed completely, in legal cartridges or oil, because it has been tested and proven to be so.

    There is nothing to be feared from legally acquired and TESTED cannabis concentrate (aside from it perhaps being too potent for you). Here in Calfornia, all concentrates MUST be tested for pollutants or additives.

    Now, if anything else besides terpenes are ADDED to your oil, then u 'may' have problems. To be clear, only six people have died from these issues, with literally tens of millions of these cartridges sold.

    Why put vitamin E in cannabis concentrate ?
    Because vapers have learned that thicker oil means higher quality. So these jerks put vitamin E into their concentrate to thicken it in the see-thru cartridge. Not good.

    This has been tied to ONE individual producer.

    Do not give into fear-mongering, just as you wouldn't give into it with all the lies about nicotine vaping that exist. Surely, you've seen what the media has done to e-cigs. So just remember that when you see these stories about cannabis 'oil'.
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  5. Dieseler

    Dieseler ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 24, 2011
    Post above by DJ is good and informative. Google thc vape cartridge bust it is alarming on the size of these illegal operations and this is where the problems we see stem from .
    Wisconsin where several deaths occurred recently had a large illegal thc cartridge bust along with Arizona and Indiana and probably others.
    The ones bought legally from licensed facilities have not had problems and in Illinois it will be
    legal Jan 1st with the medical facilities already licensed to start selling the product and never ever thought i would live to see that happen.
    I guess sooner than later it will be legal in more states than it is not.

    Sadly if there is money to be made people will find a way to do it illegally and that in itself is what we are
    seeing in humble opinion.
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  6. DJ Colonel Corn

    DJ Colonel Corn The Vapor Ninja Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Just watch and see how many people will sell black market ('illegal') flavored vape liquid in the USA as soon as the ban is set.
    By banning flavors, they are sending us towards home-made bathtub juice, that WILL make people sick.
    Then they'll claim another health crisis and ban vaping altogether.
    Just watch.
    It's almost as if this is scripted (perhaps it is).
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  7. bnrkwest

    bnrkwest ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 6, 2011
    Somewhere out there
    Isolate has no oil, full spectrum has some oil in it. The main point is do not vape actual oil, we ecig users have known this for years, don't use oil based flavors in ejuice. Don't use essential oils in ejuice. Now we need this- Don't vape CBD suspended in actual hemp oil or THC thickened by Vit E. any oil is not good for the lungs.
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  8. icepickmaker84

    icepickmaker84 Moved On ECF Veteran

    Feb 7, 2019
    Were the brothers in WI cutting with Vit E? I read a couple articles and neither mentioned it, I mean the quantity they had was impressive regardless.
  9. Dieseler

    Dieseler ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 24, 2011
    Has not been mentioned what they were using only the quantity of what was found. When things are prohibited underground folks profit it has been proven throughout history prohibition is an example.
    I read a while back the tourist that were dying after drinks overseas it was said briefly they think it was
    tainted but then never heard anything else about it?
  10. barney1985stusa
    This message by barney1985stusa has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Apr 4, 2020.
    Apr 4, 2020
  11. KohKoh

    KohKoh Full Member

    Mar 24, 2020
    1. OP Says don't use oils, but is referring to alcohol based tinctures as oils. If you use a tincture (fluid like what OP has described), there is a high chance that it is alcohol based in order to enter your bloodstream through your gums/lips. Most people when using the term OIL refer to distillates or vape juice, both of which would be perfectly safe to consume.
    2. The Main thing to watch out for as others have mentioned, would be vitamin e acetate. However vitamin e acetate should not show up in any legally purchased THC or CBD product, and it is very unlikely that you would find it in your concentrates at all, unless you are purchasing specifically vape juice off of the street.
    3. NOT TO MENTION: There are not very many legitimate vape products on the market for oil. Yes you can use your yocan aio, or your sai, but the best experience with oils is with a tank - something primarily only available from honeystick, yocan, and Crossing Tech.
    I would also recommend making sure your atomizer does not contain cotton, as when using pure distillate you will only burn your cotton, and when using vape juice, you may have a reduced risk of burning cotton, but you will still gunk it up, and burn it much quicker than you could imagine. (Burning cotton, and other inhalant risks come from using coils that are not made of either ceramic, quartz, or titanium.) Keep in mind the type of wire you use should not matter unless you have a nickel allergy, but your wicking material will make a giant difference.
    4. Another angle to consider would be the fact that lots of these illegal THC carts containing vitamin e acetate, were also spiked with other drugs, like coke, methamphetamine, and opiates. If you are making your own juice with "other drugs" the only advice I can give you is to purify your drugs, or purchase 100% pure pill base before you try making juice. DO NOT simply crush up pills and put it in your juice, the less amount of fillers you have the less your risk is. Some pill fillers could possibly contain vitamin e acetate or other chemicals that are JUST AS BAD for your lungs to vape on. Not to mention there is ZERO research about vaping anything other than nicotine or THC. So if you do decide to try doing that, I first of all recommend that you simply don't do it, you could get hurt. But if you decide to ignore me and do it anyway, just remember that there is still a large possibility that your health will be negatively impacted.
    Tinctures with alcohol base are very bad for vaping
    Traditionally referenced "Oils" such as distillate or hash (intended for smoking) are perfectly acceptable (and in some cases ideal) to vape on
    VITAMIN E ACETATE is the key ingredient to watch out for, if you have any way to test your product for it, that will help you determine if your "oils" or whatever it may be, are not tainted or dangerous.
    IF YOU USE ANY OTHER INGREDIENTS, the health risks are definitely there, vaping will not make your other drugs safer, it is not recommended, and if you must ignore my warning and do it anyway please use the purest possible base substance you can get your hands on in order to minimize any health risks.
    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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  12. KohKoh

    KohKoh Full Member

    Mar 24, 2020
    I fully agree with this statement, please do as much research as possible before you buy into the fear mongering around THC vape cartridges.
  13. 440BB

    440BB Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 19, 2011
    The Motor City
    Licensed dispensaries sold approved cartridges in my state that used terpenes from a local lab that were in a vitamin E acetate base. I did the research to find that out after an unsettling experience last summer. That's why late last year all cartridges were pulled from the market in Michigan and retested. I wouldn't trust any cartridge I didn't fill myself with my own isolate mix.
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  14. LowTone

    LowTone Full Member

    Apr 10, 2020
    I would venture to say it is...
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  15. Izzy95

    Izzy95 Full Member

    Apr 19, 2020
    You shouldn't vape CBD oil indeed, but most use the term "oil" for something that's actually vape juice, so it's made for vaping and it's not oil
  16. 440BB

    440BB Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 19, 2011
    The Motor City
    Assuming that something called oil probably doesn't contain oil is a dangerous assumption.

    A vendor that refers to their liquid for vaping as oil is not one I'd ever trust to inhale their product. After the injuries and deaths last year I hope it's common knowledge that any amount of oil in a vape is harmful to the lungs. Cinnamon oil was used as a flavoring in the early ecig days until it's harm became known.

    Any reference to oil in vape liquids is a red flag for an incompetent or unscrupulous vendor.
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