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Do package from Shenzhen China P.O. go directly to the US or another China P.O.?

Discussion in 'FastTech' started by charly1954, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. charly1954

    charly1954 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 13, 2013
    Logan, Indiana
    This post is not about how long it takes for package to go from FT to the US, its about the route packages go.

    I would assume most all packages FT ships go the same postal route to the USA. I paid the little extra and shipped "USPS Express ePacket via China Post". My question is on everyones tracking does your package first go to the SHenzhen P.O.? If so is the next tracking say a USA city or another China P.O.?.

    In other words. Can someone thats a USA customer check a past order tracking to see if their package goes to the P.O. in Shenzhen, then from there where does it go. Does it head to the USA or some other China P.O.? My last status says left Shenzhen P.O. I'm wondering if its headed to USA or somewhere's else.

    Now I'm not complaing about slow ship time here. I'm just asking if the path to the USA from FT is Shenzhen China P.O. then to the USA. Or does packages go somewhere else after leaving the Shenzhen P.O..
  2. szot

    szot Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    It varies by which shipper you use..each shipper has their own airports they use within China and their own hubs and routes to whatever country the destination of the order is..and they all rent cargo space from various airlines for flights to the USA or whatever destination, and that's why U will see some customs and first USA processing is in San Fran, LA, Chicago, and NY..FT grabs the first and cheapest cargo space on a flight they can, regardless of where its headed within the NO, all flights do not originate in Shentzen the town were most items are manufactured outside and near Hong Kong...and YES , every past order and its tracking remains at FT at Order History..there are few direct flights with available carfo space from near FT directly to the USA because Shentzen is the manuafacturing capital in China with many companies and they all fill planes up fast which makes it very competitive for the companies like FT to purchase cargo space quickly, so then it all depends on cargo space of the next available flight to the destination country..thats why some newer orders arrive at the destination faster than more recent orders, and their is no consistency based of destination arrival based upon the sequence of your ordering from FT..some shippers and vendors like FT can find faster flights than other shippers..Epacket is the fastest because it was established for the purpose of ebay purchases and has more direct flights that ebay has priority for..and they like to fill up the cargo hold area and have flights leave full and often, so FT and other companies will rent space through ebay flights that are known as ePacket via China Post..

    China Post ses Shentzen...Singapore Post uses Singapore...Hong Kong Post uses Hong Kong..and each shipper uses different airports initially
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