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Does Consistent Flavor Dekang E-Liquid Exist ? ?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Löki, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Löki

    Löki Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 27, 2009
    I have not Been vaping for very long but have ordered alot of e-liquid.

    And two things that seem to hold true no matter where I buy from

    1.the flavor of china-dekang will not be the same the next time you order. ( From The Same Supplier. )

    2.the supplier will tell you that your crazy and that they did not change anything about the e-liquid.

    Now I know I'm only alittle crazy and that my mind does not change how thing's taste so I Held onto a bottle of 555 from a place I have ordered from a few times and just got a new order in from them afew days ago. The new liquid is darker in color and does indeed NOT taste the same. The hold back bottle was stored for about 3 weeks so I'm sure it has not had time to degrade or anything.
    So I e-mail the reseller of this dekang liquid asking them all kinda stuff. And I'm told they did not change anything at all but the bottle I just got was from a new shipment they had just gotten in.

    So now I ask what's up with dekang ? Are there stockpile's of dekang liquid that noone is tracking how long it's sitting for? Is it a QC Issue with dekang? Do they just change things at there own will? I read someplace that dekang will make flavors to suit what ever the vendor wants are the custom made liquids getting mixxed in, Or made in the same mixxing bowl and they don't clean it after?

    OR AM I JUST NUTS ! ? !

    The online vendor's I'm talking about are the 3 great vendors and I left there name's out because I do not want anyone to read this the wrong way and think I'm ragging on them or anything.
    === But if you want to compare e-liquid thots about a vendor and want to know if I'm talking about who you thot about when you read this PM me. ===

    On a side note about DIY Flavor Mixxing online vendors. DIY Flavor Shack & Ms T's I Love you guy's keep up the good work !
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