Does the eGo have a Tank version, ala the Tornado Tank?

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Jan 14, 2011
Hi everybody, I'm new here. I just decided to start vaping, and one of my buddies directed me toward the Totally Wicked site. I purchased a starter kit the new Tornado tank system from them, which was apparently just released last week. It says that you don't need to refill the carts nearly as often on the site, which is appealing to me because I am lazy.

Anyway, I found out after I purchased it that the Tornado from TW is simply a rebranded version of the eGo. So my question is, is there a tank version of the eGo also? If so, does anyone know if they will be stocking the tank version atomizers on any of the Canadian sites that stock eGo stuff? Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $40(!) on Totally Wicked, and supposedly customs could seize the order (Totally Wicked should really have mentioned that when I was checking out :?:) so I would really rather stick to buying from a Canadian dealer right now.



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Jan 10, 2011
Yes they do. The ego was the first to have the tank and the rest just followed. Its called the Ego -T. The Tank Tornado from TW is just a rebrand of the eGo -T, they cost the same for now I think it was 89.99. So take your pick. As for me I bought a Riva Kit (eGo - Tornado - Magma - same) and placed an order for the TW tank and Tank atomizer if you have not gotten anything by then Ill keep you posted on how it is. As of right now I just got my Riva and ..... it .... is .... AWESOME. You can get it for 30 bux or pay a bit more (35) and get the deluxe kit from LF that comes with a case and everything.
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Mar 11, 2011
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