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Does vaping will put you at greater risk for corona virus?

Discussion in 'Manvap' started by Manvap_Tagpod, Mar 19, 2020.

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  1. Manvap_Tagpod

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    Dec 19, 2019
    As corona virus spreads globally, protective measures are taken by people all over the world to prevent infection. Meanwhile, vaping is pushed over the cusp again. In a public speech on March 8, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio specifically pointed out that citizens with a history of smoking and vaping should pay special attention to protection from coronavirus infection.

    “ If you are a smoker or a vaper that does make you more vulnerable,” de Blasio repeated. “If you are a smoker or a vaper this is a very good time to stop that habit and we will help you.”

    This perspective actually reflects a very controversial topic:Does vaping will put you at greater risk for corona virus?

    Unfortunately, the answer is still unclear. Multiple studies that purport to show that vaping causes suppressed immune functions or an increased susceptibility to infections are based on experiments with mice or disembodied cells, and it's impartial to prematurely to blame for vaping.
    For one thing, it’s hard to detect problems that might be caused by vaping in human subjects, because the vast majority of vapers have a history of smoking. Even if vaping does have a negative effect on immune response, lung function, or other biological processes, it could be hidden by more pronounced effects caused by past smoking.

    For another, most stories about a supposed link between vaping and respiratory disease are pure speculation—for example, the CBS News story that used Mayor de Blasio’s announcement about vaping and COVID-19 as a peg for their in-house doctor’s own uninformed guessing.

    The point of Mayor de Blasio is that Smokers and vaper are more likely to catch viral and bacterial infections, and have a harder time fighting off the infections. But the fact is not as he said. More than 50 percent of Chinese men smoke cigarettes, yet the five studies I reviewed showed that just 14.5 percent, 3.9 percent, 7.3 percent, 6.4 percent, and 6.4 percent of patients smoked.

    That doesn’t mean that smoking is a protective factor, but it certainly is puzzling. To be representative of the number of smokers in China, those patients should make up at least 25 percent of the total. And if smoking leads to higher rates of infection, smokers should be included at an even higher rate than that. Patients who smoked were, however, more likely than non-smokers to be among the group with more severe symptoms.

    Article Origin:

    Jim Mcdonald. Vaping and Coronavirus: What We Know and What We Don’t. Vaping360, 12 March 2020 Vaping and Coronavirus: What We Know and What We Don’t - Vaping360

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