Double Drip Coil Sauce - Strawberry Banana Waffle 6mg

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Dec 20, 2010
    Got 3 x 10ml for £10 at local shopping mall.

    I vape it with Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 (CF4+) and Aspire Cleito tank with the normal .4 ohm coils.

    This is a smasher! Lovely fruity inhale with sweet strawberry and banana slightly caramalised for the waffle part.

    An amazing exhale that leaves a really fresh and tangy juicy, fruit flavour on the tip of my tongue.

    Is good at about 47.5W but sometimes I crank it up to 55 and boy is it nice!

    One I will definitley re-buy.

    Vapour production and warmth 9/10

    Flavour honestly is a 10/10 one of my all time faves up there with G2 Vapor's Mr Cookie Oh Face - yes it's that good! Really sweet, tangy and fruity but also has a strong dessert type flavour more than a fresh fruit.

    Value IDK so I cannot rate it for price as have only recently started vaping after a 6 month break as I have been using IQOS and enjoy that a lot, I only vape in the day during work breaks as can get as quick or as long hit as I need to / can grab and is instant unlike IQOS. So I have no idea what juice costs these days. Some you have to buy large bottles of 0mg here in the UK now and add nic. Too much hassle for me so I prefer these 10ml bottles with the nic already in there. I reckon £10 for 30mg is about average? On websites it costs less on some, more on others. You can be the judge.

    Lovely e-iquid for those that like fruit but more of a dessert based fruit.
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