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Dovpo Samdwich RDA // Review by HyDrOpOnIc1987


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Sep 12, 2021
    Dovpo Samdwich rda // Review by HyDrOpOnIc1987

    Hello and welcome! Today, I would like to present to you the Samdwich rda by Dovpo. It was sent to me by my contact at Dovpo, Daisy. I will do my utmost to ensure a truthful and unbiased review. I'll start off by showing some promotional images and information regarding said rda, then move onto unboxing, assembly and usage highlights from my time using this RDA. Now, without further adieu, let's get to it.

    Promotional Images and Information

    • 1. 22mm diameter
    • 2. 510 delrin drip tip
    • 3. 510 thread
    • 4. Supports single coil type
    • 5. 4 level airflow adjustment
    • 6. Top airflow intake enriching flavor
    • 7. Drip/squonk juice feeding method
    • 8. Multiple replaceable accessory styles

    Box Contents:
    1x Samdwich RDA
    1x Accessory Package
    1x Device Manual

    Unboxing, Assembly and Usage Highlights

    The box that this RDA comes in is pretty darn big for just an RDA. The front of the box is a foggy plastic covering that folds open and closed from the side. It has the Across logo on the top of the plastic and Samdwich written in bold across the middle of the plastic front. Flipping the box to show its right side, there's “Designed by across" with the across logo of course, and “Manufactured by Dovpo" and the Dovpo “D" logo is right beside the D in Dovpo. The let side of the box has all of Across Vape's social media. The bottom of the box houses the “Scratch and Check" sticker, which has a QR code and serial number on it as well. At the top of the back is the Across logo, and under that is Dovpo's technical name and headquarters address. At the bottom it says “Made in China".

    Opening up the box, you can see the RDA on the left and a box of accessories on the right. Inside the box of accessories is a baggy which contains a bunch of spare orings, 2 different types of coils, a squonk pin and a couple sets of spare screws. There's also a piece of paper loose in the box, that’s the manual. It has all the specifications, up close pictures showing different parts of the RDA, an explanation of what all is in the accessory bag and on the back is a breakdown of the RDA itself, detailing every part of it. Also, the RDA is silver in my case lol and as I previously mentioned, its housed to the left of the accessory box.

    I took this beauty out of it's box and started to take it apart. I have to dismantle it so that I can clean it. It is VERY important to clean everything with soap and water. There's always a possibility of, and usually is some left over machine oil and metal fragment from when the RDA was machined. You don’t want to breathe in machine oil and metal fragments, do ya? It's also the perfect excuse to take a look at how the thing works. It has a pretty standard and simple single coil build deck, the real innovation is in it's airflow. Its top cap is essentially a wheel that houses 4 different airflow designs: a 1.8x3.6mm ellipse, a 1.25mmx4 “clover", a 1.6mmx2 dual hole MTL and lastly a single 1.8mm hole to give a tight MTL draw. There are notches built into the top cap which allow you to turn and change the airflow. The airflow runs between those notches. The drip tip is a little small, but is changeable with other 510 drip tips.

    I like a Direct Lung vape, so I decided to use the clapton coil which was provided. Because of the layout of the deck, I had to add a half wound to the coil to set it right. Once placed, I was able to trim the legs VERY easily and start to find the final position for the coil. Once I finished with that, I began to dry fire the coil and strum out any hot spots and shorts that inevitably appear with clapton coils. Once I'm satisfied that the coil is all fired proper, I let it cool down and grab some of my BP Mods Pro Vape cotton and roll an end to a point and spool it through the middle of the coil. I try to get it tight enough that I can feel it grip and resist against me in spurts like machine gun fire, but not too tight that it will warp the shape of the coil trying to spool it through. I trim the ends of the cotton, fan it out a bit but don’t remove any actual cotton. I'm just moving it around so that it fills the wells proper and I make sure that as much of the cottons strands are straight, otherwise there'll be wicking problems. Once satisfied, I slather some liquid on the cotton and across the coil making sure its nice and saturated, press the fire button and make a cloud of vapour, then place the cap on and make sure the airflow is set straight and take a toot. WOOSH! The clouds this thing makes with one coil is crazy! And the flavour is pretty on point too. I eventually decide to change out the coil to a N80 3mm ID Alien and the flavour went up immediately. I didn’t try the single wire coil that was provided as I had other coils available that I preferred.

    I used the RDA for about 2.5 weeks straight (with the occasional other device as well) on my Lost Vape Centaurus Quest 100W BF Mod and it worked perfectly with it. The RDA is a bit small for the 510 plate on the Lost Vape mod, but only by 1-1.5mm. Besides that, it’s a match made in heaven. I would have tried it with the Dovpo Across Pump Squonker, but I don’t have one  Maybe I'll get a chance later on.
    Anyway, the only issue I encountered while using the RDA was that it would get really hot really quickly. The fact that I used 3mm ID coils probably didn't help . I would definitely recommend using 2.5mm coils if that heat is an issue for you. Also, you can change out the drip tip for a longer one too, that would help as I fond my lips touch the top cap of the RDA quite a bit when I'm using it.
    I would recommend this RDA to anyone looking for a small single coil squonk RDA. It can be used as a dripper, but I feel that it shines as a squonk RDA, or RSA I guess. The RDA is made with amazing materials and is immaculate.

    I would like to thank Daisy from Dovpo and Dovpo for sending me this RDA to review. I would also like to thank YOU for reading this review. This review is for you technically, so I hope you enjoyed it and learned something about this RDA. I'm providing a link to Dovpo's website, as well as a link to the RDA on their site so that you can check it out and find more information about it.

    Thanks again for reading.


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    Sep 12, 2021
      Great review, looks like a winner!

      Good review!
      Thanks guys! I felt really bad being delayed on this one, but I've been stuck in bed sick from my antibiotics the whole run. Haven't been able to do anything at all. Glad to finally be able to catch back up :)

      The RDA is an awesome little thing. Perfectly small for a great single coil puff, I'm loving the little guy lol
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