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Dry hits and spitback no matter what I do

Discussion in 'Coil Builds' started by Vudie, Jan 8, 2021.

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  1. Vudie

    Vudie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    When I push the fire button the wick spits like a firecracker (at the start and then stops) and it has this awful burning taste from the smoke. It's impossible to even inhale it.
    I've tried every tutorial under the sun from Youtube and Reddit on how to wick the Augvape Intake Dual properly, yet no matter what I try I get the same results every time. Short, long, thick, thin, it's always the same.

    Could there be something I've done wrong with the build or mod config?

    - Atomizer: Augvape Intake Dual RTA
    - Mod: Vaporesso GEN (Firmware V2.1.1 & V1.5)
    - Wick: PilotVape Cloud Cotton
    - Coil: Coil Master Kanthal A1 22AWG/0.4 ohm (2.5 mm)
    - Battery: Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh 3.7V
    - Liquid Nicotine: 70% VG / 30% PG at 8 mg nicotine (unflavored)

    Mod Config:
    - Wattage: 35W
    - Resistance: 0.26 ohm (not 100% accurate)
    - Variable Wattage: Soft

    I've removed 0.08 ohm and 20W to not cause any more confusion.
  2. Aerodan

    Aerodan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 12, 2020
    Hi! I'm still a bit new to all of this (hopefully a fast learner) but .08ohms at 35watts, is that correct? I vape .4ohm single coil at 13-15 watts. Dual coil .2ohms at 20watts. Occasional popping but not the Flash Gordon spitting molten drops of tonsil fire :)
  3. UncleJunkle

    UncleJunkle Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 29, 2010
    UDIO, Clown World
    Are these spaced coils? For me spaced coils (on other RTAs) often pop and crack like a firecracker and sometimes spitback. But only when they are brand new. Goes away within a day when the coil gets a tiny bit gunked up. But at 15-18 watts spitback doesn't hurt that bad.

    That's all I got for ya.
  4. Vudie

    Vudie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    When I take it as low as 20 watts it takes 5-6 seconds for it produce smoke. However, the burning taste is still there. It now reads 0.26 ohms at 20 watts.

    They are contact coils. This is what they look like. According to Google results they are 2.5 mm in diameter.

  5. jj_9

    jj_9 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 3, 2013
    Hi Vudie

    Your coil resistance (ohms) should not vary that much with kanthal (IMO).

    Are you sure it's correctly hold by the screw ?
    Did you prime it after screwing (low power) until it gets regularly red before putting cotton ?

    Also concerning the cotton is there enough of it so it touches correctly the wire ?
    (but not too much indeed ;-) for avoiding dry hits)

    You could try to add a cotton in the coil and prime it with liquid before putting it in the atomizer to see what's happening "inside".

    regards (& sorry for my english level)
  6. Vudie

    Vudie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    It probably just was the vape mod reading it wrong. I'm not sure what that was about. However, if I take it from 20 watt to 45 watt it reads 0.26 ohms no matter what. The ohm only changes when it does an "atomizer scan" to check the coils, which I have no idea how to prompt. Taking the atomizer off and on doesn't prompt the scan; it just decides on its own when it wants to do it.

    The screws are tight, but not too tight or the mod will have problems sending electricity to the coils correctly.

    I take the scissors and scrape the top of the coils and make sure the coils are getting red hot evenly before I put cotton in.

    I have tried really thick cotton to really thin cotton and everything in-between. I somehow get the same results no matter how I try to cut the cotton.

    Right now I have the atomizer connected to the mod without the tank, with the coils and cotton in the open. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

    Completely new to this, but I've been reading about all I can for many, many hours over the past week before I asked for help and I'm at my wits' end. :/
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  7. Pigs

    Pigs Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jun 7, 2019
    Sydney Australia
    Hi @Vudie and welcome to ECF.

    All your settings look fine to me - in fact vaping a build of 0.26 Ohms at 20 - 35 W should be on the mild side. You should not be getting an "awful burning taste" or "spitting like a firecracker".

    Not knowing how long you have been vaping (you use the words "steam/smoke") is it possible your airflow is closed or you are not inhaling strongly enough?

    The basic principle of vaping is that power is applied to heat up a juiced coil which has enough air passing around it to create vapor and also to keep the coil and wick cool enough to not burn.

    If you don't inhale strongly enough for enough air to cool the coil down at your set power, it will burn the wick.

    Sorry if you know all this already.

    Otherwise try the same atty/build on another mod at the same settings and see if you get the same result.
    If you do then swap out the build, re-wick and start again.

    Good luck
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  8. jj_9

    jj_9 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 3, 2013
    I have no more advice (sorry)

    good luck in solving the problem !

  9. Falconeer

    Falconeer Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I may be off the wall here, but with me if the coil has one leg at the top and one at the bottom the coil will spit where the cotton is in contact with the lower leg, so now I put a kink in the coil leg so that both legs go into the posts with the legs at the top.

    I also lift the cotton a bit when it is wet with a toothpick to ensure that it is clear of both legs.

    As to the wicks, i now only go for a sliding fit and ensure that they are the correct length to be properly in conact with the liquid and no more.

    Again I think that there could be mileage in the earlier comment about airflow.

    Hope you get an answer that works soon!
  10. Vudie

    Vudie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    My apologies, I should've clarified. At 35W it spits like a firecracker at the start of pushing the fire button, but then it stops. I just recently saw a crazy coil build which did the same thing, so I assume this is normal. At 20W it doesn't have any spit like it's about to explode, but it takes 5-6 seconds before it produces any smoke.

    It has a slightly strict airflow when the air adjustment is completely open. I just tried to inhale everything I could and I coughed like there was no tomorrow.

    I bought everything two weeks ago and been troubleshooting for the last week now. I'm very new to this.

    Unfortunately I only have this, so I can't try anything else.
  11. Vudie

    Vudie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    I'm not entirely sure I understand correctly. What is the top and bottom where the legs of the coils go in? Is that the holes in the post? Sorry for not understanding.

    I tried this and it gave me better airflow, but the burning taste is unchanged unfortunately.

    This is usually what gives me the best results as well, but the burning taste is still horrific. :\
  12. Falconeer

    Falconeer Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Here's one to illustrate - as I did it in a hurry just now it ain't perfect. With one leg with a kink it can be fitted to the posts so that both legs face the same way and the legs are at the top

    1.jpg 2.jpg
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  13. Pigs

    Pigs Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jun 7, 2019
    Sydney Australia
    Have you watched this presentation video from the designer of the Intake Dual?

    I can tell you are new to vaping so maybe you should talk to the vape shop you bought the Gen and the Intake Dual from. Sounds like it may not be the best starter kit for you.

    There is a company called Innokin that do many good starter setups for people new to vaping. Well made and not expensive. It might be worth putting aside your big rig (Gen/Intake dual) until you have got used to vaping a bit more and decide what type of setup suits you. Many people never like big dual battery mods like the Gen combined with dual coil RTAs.

    Good luck @Vudie
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  14. Superuser187

    Superuser187 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 10, 2020
    Go to gen mod settings and disable the smart wattage mode that auto detect the coil to suggest wattage if u want this annoying thing to happen....

    Doesn't seem u do something wrong in the way u try vape this build...
    I am not u have problem with ohms reading not stable??? changing ??? Didn't understand

    I find it wierd to have both spitback and dry hit...before u vape your build I guess u put juice on it and saturate the cotton veeeeery good and fire it a little???

    Pls take some pics with a fresh wicked coil before u put juice on it and after if u can....
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  15. Vudie

    Vudie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    Aha! That's a pretty neat trick. I will try this later and see if it changes anything. Thanks for posting pictures. :)

    Yes, I have. I have watched pretty much every video there is about the Augvape Intake Dual and read countless of threads on Reddit about how to build it.

    I probably have taken water over my head on this project, but this is my current situation now and I just have to do the best I can.
    I ordered everything over the net, so there isn't much help I can get from them, unfortunately.

    Hehe, alright. I will try this later. ;)

    No, I don't think I have that problem. It was just a misunderstanding from my part. My apologies for the confusion.

    When I press the fire button nothing happens for a second or two and then it just explodes with liquid nicotine. It probably is just that it is oversaturated at the start. Right now it doesn't explode with liquid nicotine as much, still happens, but not nearly as bad as a couple of hours ago.

    I know it's strange that it has spitback and dry hits at the same time. From what I've read it should be either or, but it's both here. The spitback rarely happens when I have the tank on, but when I just have the atomizer on and the tank is off, I can see just how badly it explodes everywhere with liquid nicotine.

    When I get back home I will post pictures and record a video on the different ways I build it.
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  16. Superuser187

    Superuser187 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 10, 2020
    Nice to see how it looks and not need worry too much just one build the way u would put the cotton normally without maybe any tricks that u may have had tried with the cotton....cause that's what all about for the problem u have....

    Also I don't know if u are new to this just saying my first builds i had a special atomizer that made my life hard to wick it but in the end u get used to it....don't give up need time to find out how it goes...
    First of all we check that we have all orings and the atomizer is ok and then just practice wicking...I suggest u use the same coil and just focus on cotton...
    We wait pictures :) enjoy
  17. puffon

    puffon Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 18, 2014
    With the tank or cap off, that's normal, especially with clapton coils.
    Try a lower mass coil for quicker ramp up/cool down.
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  18. zoiDman

    zoiDman My -0^10 = Nothing at All* ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 16, 2010
    Try Different Cotton.

    I Don't know where you Live because you Don't have anything in your Location. But if you live in the USA, Vape shops will many times Sell you a small amount of Cotton for next to Nothing.

    Or sometimes just give it to You if you Buy some e-Liquid.
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  19. mimöschen

    mimöschen Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 15, 2016
    Overall 22ga wire is a very bad choice, because it's a very thick wire with a small surface area, but extremely high mass, so it takes very long to heat up, before it can even start to evaporate the juice properly. Especially at those puny 35W. So popping and spitback is hardly surprising. And it can be the cause for the juice to caramelize, which in turn causes a burnt taste.

    You've got 3 options:
    1. If you want to vape at these low wattages, switch to thinner wire. 26ga should be fine. But be aware that the Intake likes bigger coils, so flavor may be a bit on the weak side.
    2. Crank up the wattage. Me personally, I wouldn't even consider to vape those monster coils below 80W.
    3. Switch to some Fused Claptons.
    26*2/36 or 28*3/36 should do the job.
    The latter should come with the Intake.
    26*2/40 or 28*3/40 would be prefereable though.
    The thinner the outer wire, the better. It will keep overall coil mass and ramp up to a minimum. You will still need more power though. 50-70W should work just fine.
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  20. mikhail v

    mikhail v Full Member

    Sep 1, 2019
    First off, try other coils. This RTA is made for coils like fused claptons etc.
    Tri-core fused clapton should be good, look e.g. for coils with the marking 3*28GA/36GA.
    $2.73 Ni80 Tri-Core Fused Clapton Pre-Coiled Wire - authentic Coilology / 10pcs/pack / 28*3/36 AWG / 0.32mm*3/0.12mm dia. / 0.32ohm at FastTech - Free Shipping

    If you really get dry hits but the cotton is saturated, the only thing that comes to mind, is that the cotton is not touching some of the wire threads, it often happens with the upper part of last thread(s) of the coil. If it is the case, you should see a gap there and some dark spots on the cotton, this is where it starts to burn if its not touching the thread.
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