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Dual Coil Smok Carto's "Spotlight" on Cone Shaped 3.5ml eGo 2.0 Ohm

Discussion in 'Cartomizer Reviews' started by bobbavet, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. bobbavet

    bobbavet Moved On

    Jul 7, 2012
    Reporting in on these.

    SmokTech Cone Shaped 3.5ml eGo Dual-Coil Cartomizer in 2.0 and 2.5 Ohm


    I have been using the Smok staino regular carto DC of late in the XL, XXL and Mega of late.

    THe XL are my favourites in every way, length, Ego cones fit over them over them, excellent vape, taste and the ability to take your favourite 510 drip tips.

    THe XXL and Mega are also great, but the cylindrical size length and width and the "flat tips" which all vendors seem to have atm just dont float my boat. I find them always in the wrong position and you have to try and find an 801 round tips to fit them. I find the draw a bit off mark also especially with the Mega. The XXL in particular get pretty hot in a vape sessions but I prefer it over the Mega's

    If anyone knows of an Ego cones available that slips over the XXL please let know, also where to find a good choice of 801 drip tips.

    OK, that brings me to these Cone duals....... mmmmm, I got Tim @ Ecigmodshop to throw a couple in when I got the SS Vmax. I'm glad I did.

    They are every bit as good as the XL that I favour. Has a great shape and compact, very similar to the startdust. The flat tip is... welll ..meh, it's the same as the XXL one but strangley in this combo it works well.
    I still have positional issues but the draw and vapor is really good. Only thing I can put it down to is the conical shape at the top of the tank. Actually the more I use it the more I like the vape of these flat on the Conicals.
    Just careful on the overfills as ya sure to get a juice hit. lol

    They look good and running great on the EgoTwist, as usual set @ 4.8V like all my DC carts. Really great on the smaller 650mah Twists, great stealth vape. Mines going to the footy this arvo. UP the DOGGIES! lols
    On the SS Vmax beast they look a bit ungainly with an adapter, but not overly out of place and run smooth @ 3.5V

    Yup I could really recommend these if you like carto's and I will be going over to them after my XL's run out. Pity I just ordered 10. lmao

    What I would like to see in these. ?

    Internally nothing, Smok have hit the nail.

    Metal cones or solid color cones, I just don't see the use in clear/tint color on these. The filler and tip show through, it's not like your'e seeing any juice levels like a SD. Metal or solids look better on a mod.

    Tips, these larger cartos are becoming more prevalent and that's great, but a range of tips that fit them would be a plus.

    Well thats it. A big thumbs up. Get one in ya next order to try.

    10/4, over and out. 8)
  2. CDnerds

    CDnerds Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2012
    So these are like the SmokTech Ego Mega Cartos.. They just made into a cone shape, colored it and called it something new?
  3. bobbavet

    bobbavet Moved On

    Jul 7, 2012
    They are not as big as the Mega's, but yeh same concept.
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