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E liquid from flavor concentrates.

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by CHEMTRAIL, Jul 27, 2015.

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    CHEMTRAIL Full Member

    I know the answer I'm most likely going to get here is gonna be something like, buy it from a known supplier, but can anyone explain to me what to stay away from if I'm gonna buy flavor concentrates from other vendors (outside of Lor, TFA, FW, TFA, etc..)? How to mix the flavor in let's say a 30ml bottle? Drops? Similar to when using eliquid flavor suppliers flavoring? I want to play around with blood orange flavor and FW's is really weak flavor (the only place I've found it.) I have an idea for a juice that I want to use a more full flavor in. If you know of a better blood orange flavor feel free to share that here as well, TIA ECF.
  2. Robert Cromwell

    Robert Cromwell Moved On ECF Veteran

    Feb 16, 2015
    If you are talking about their flavorings are good with no artificial ingredients. 15-20% mix rates for the blueberry and watermelon and strawberry. Mix as strong as you want with no strange aftertaste or anything.

    I like to use them as standalone flavors or add just a bit of Capellas sweet strawberry to the FC strawberry for example makes it even better.
  3. Robino1

    Robino1 Resting in Peace ECF Veteran

    Moved your thread to the DIY forum for more help and information :)
  4. Sir2fyablyNutz

    Sir2fyablyNutz ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2015
    West Virginia, USA
    I have a few links for DIY suppliers where you can probably find the Blood Orange. Also the Blogs I have linked can help with DIY :

    Dannyv45 - dannyv45's blog | E-Cigarette Forum
    Hoosier - Hoosier's blog | E-Cigarette Forum

    Bull City Vapor - Best Prices on DIY e-liquid Supplies (Capella, Flavour Art, Flavor West, Hangsen, Inawera, Flavor Apprentice)
    Wizard Labs (Capella, LorAnn, Seedman, Flavor Apprentice, )
    DIY E-Liquid, Electronic Cigarettes and Wholesale Nicotine & E-Cig Juice | EcigExpress (Flavour Art, Flavor West, LorAnn, Flavors Express, Natures Flavors,
    Signature (TFA), Jungle Flavors, Hangsen, Tasty Puff, Inawera, Capella)
    DIY E-Cig Supplies & E-Cigarette Liquid | Make Your Own E-Liquid | RTS Vapes (LorAnn, Capella, Hangsen, Flavour Art, Flavor Apprentice, FLavor Jungle,
    Flavor West, Inawera, RTS blends)
    Electronic Cigarettes | E-Liquids - MyFreedomSmokes (LorAnn, Flavour Art, Flavor Apprentice, MFS house blends) (House blends/brands)
    Perfumers Apprentice - The Flavor Apprentice - World of Flavors (TPA/TFA)
    Capella Flavor Drops - Over 75+ Water Soluble Concentrated Flavorings (Capella)
    Flavor West (Flavor West)
    DIY E-liquid Supplies - Home (Capella, Flavor West, LorAnn, Flavor Apprentice,House Blends)
    Wholesale Nicotine, Bulk e-Liquid, PG, VG and Supplies Heartlandvapes Wholesale (Capellas, Flavor West, LorAnn, Flavor Apprentice, House Blends)
    E-liquid Mart (Capellas, Flavour Art)
    DIY E Liquid Flavoring - E Cig eGo, E juice, Mods, Cartomizers, Liquid Nicotine, DIY Flavorings (Vaping Zone VG flavor, Hangsen)
    All Vaping Flavors (Flavorah)
    [Concentrated Flavorings] - Nude Nicotine
    Flavor Extracts - DIY e-Liquid Supplies (Madvapes)
    DIY Flavors (Ellas, Flavor West, NF Organic, Flavor Apprentice, Capellas)
    Product Categories Tasty Puff Flavor Drops | Tastypuff (Tasty Puff)
    Vapers Tek (Molin Berry, Inwaera, German Flavors)

    Good luck in your journey.
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