E-Liquid : Good Deals and Sales !


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        So sad that The vape Kitchen is no longer at Nic River. Guess it was regs that took them out. I would die to know if they show up anywhere else so I hope someone posts if they do
        I was glad I stocked up a bit before they shut down, but wish I had bought some more.:(


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        Oct 24, 2014
          www.durasmoke.com is having a 40% off sale site wide. See the attached pics. I use this on Coils that need a thinner liquid.


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          • TrueBeca DuraSmoke $14.99 with 40% discount  BUY 11-29-2020 AT B&M STORE_Moment (2)_LI.jpg
            TrueBeca DuraSmoke $14.99 with 40% discount BUY 11-29-2020 AT B&M STORE_Moment (2)_LI.jpg
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            The consensus seems to be that this is wanted...So here we go !

            If you find a good deal or a sale on E-Liquid post it here !
            This is for pre-mixed e-liquids only, DIY has it's own in DIY

            Remember please :
            No affiliate codes or links
            No tracking codes, so if your good deal is from an email clean out the tracking code that they usually have.

            I have been Vaping since 2015, always been looking for good premix liquid as well as a good deal. A new online supplier (www.misty101.com) was recommended to me and I paid them a visit as one would. They do have some great liquids and great deals on. I bought:
            Calm Patriot (£5.00)- RY8 + caramel and vanilla 100% VG 3mg. it is a all day vape and very nice, I really like it as the flavour does not die as you use it.

            Junny Cash (£5.00): Mixed berries and cream 100%VG 3mg. This one is great for evening Vaping.

            Assassin (£5.00): Cherry 100% VG 3mg. close your eyes and imagine eating bowl of fresh cherry. The flavour is that strong.

            Got both deals from them, I am a happy camper!!

            The eliquid deals that they have: spend £15 on eliquid and get 7x10ml Vape 50 bottles of eliquid free and when you spend £10 shipping is free.

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