E-Liquid made in Germany only £2.32 / 2.90€

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Hello everyone,

let me introduce ourself first. We are a Germany based supplier for e-liquids and founded 2010.
We are a team of seasoned and long-time vapers that have made their hobby into a career.

All our liquids are manufactured in Germany. We work together with a known German manufacturer, that produced the Mistervape e-liquid exclusively for us.

Now we want to go more international :thumbs:

We offer you more than 40 flavours in three strengths of nicotine for only: £2.32 / 2.90€ per 10ml.

The first 25 customers get 1 additional bottle for free!
Add a minimum of two bottles to the cart and use the following coupon: ECF1FREE

Shipping: £2.77 / 3.45€ (Priority Airmail) - free shipping for orders over £32.00 / 39.00€

Visit us at: Mistervape E-Liquid


About our E-juice

We use only pharma grade ingredients (USP, Ph.Eur.) for our e-liquid. The used nicotine is naturally made from tobacco plants. The flavours are food grade and approved by "Flavour and Extract Manufacturers Association" (FEMA) and also certified by the EU regulation (EG) No. 1334/2008 .

Origin of the ingredients:

PG, VG, purified Water: Germany
Nicotine: USA
Flavours: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and USA

All ingredients are checked by an external laboratory before they approved for production.

Ingredients: 60% Propylenglycol, 30% Glycerine (vegetable), purified Water, 1-6% Flavour, 0-1,8% Nicotine

Please take a look at our onlinestore. We look forward to seeing you...
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