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Ego-T 1000 mAh batt not vaping, but lights up normally.

Discussion in 'Battery Issues' started by hypercoffeedude, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. hypercoffeedude

    hypercoffeedude Full Member

    Apr 12, 2011
    I have an Ego-T 1000 mAh battery that I cannot use.

    When on charger light stays green. Confirmed with power supply and volt meter that it is not accepting a charge. It is charged at about 3.7 - 3.8v so it is fully charged. Probably why it will no longer accept a charge (over voltage protection).

    When test leads are connected to terminal, and button is pressed. The LED lights up, meter shows 3.08v. It will still shut off after 10-15 sec due to the normal cutoff time.

    When using any atty, 2.6ohm SR or iVape 3.2 ohm attys both result in the LED light blinking 3 times when activated. No current is provided to the atty (tested with meter), but is properly connected.

    A blue led set across the terminals will light just fine.

    I really would like to use this battery! Any ideas? I am good with electronics and I know my stuff so feel free to ask any questions you need to, about the tests or otherwise.
  2. Eddie.Willers

    Eddie.Willers ECF Wiki SysOp Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 3, 2011
    Prairie Canada
    I am having the same problem with an Ego battery and charger - it has enough current to light an LED but nothing else-

    I found that the problem was a combination of dirty contact faces on both the battery and the charger with sloppy threading on the charger that allowed the battery to become misaligned as I was attaching it.

    So, clean the contacts and wiggle the battery on the charger to see if it makes a difference.
  3. hypercoffeedude

    hypercoffeedude Full Member

    Apr 12, 2011
    It is clean and getting a good connection, it starts to charge (led is red) for about 2 to 3 seconds, then states charged (green). I have bench tested the battery. When you apply 4.2v or any charge into the battery, it will "open up" the connection between the contacts and the battery, showing the "full" voltage.

    Ego batt with test leads on (+) & (-) and button depressed = 3.08v (circuit supposed to deliver less by design)
    Ego batt with test leads on (+) & (-) and button Not Pressed, with a voltage applied to terminals to put battery in charge mode and then taking the power source off the battery results in seeing the "true" battery voltage = 3.8 for about 3 seconds then the battery will switch back to "use" mode.

    I am currently using small loads (small motor, leds, etc) to try and bring down the voltage to below 3.7v perhaps being in a slightly overcharged state causes the circuit to act funny?
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