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Ehpro kelpie rta review

Discussion in 'Atomizer Reviews' started by Shone, Sep 2, 2019.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017
    I received kelpie rta from Heaven gifts for the purpose of this review.

    Kelpie rta colors:

    - Black
    - Stainless steel



    - Size: 25 x 40mm
    - Capacity: 2ml (a 3.5ml bubble glass tube included)
    - Material: Stainless Steel/Glass
    - Thread: 510 thread

    In the box:

    - Ehpro Kelpie RTA 2ml
    - Pre-made Coils
    - 3.5ml Glass Tube
    - O-rings
    - Screwdriver
    - Philips Head Screws
    - Cotton
    - User Manual
    - Warranty Card
    - Certification Card


    Kelpie rta is designed by Vic from youtube channel Vaping With Vic and it is manufactured by Ehpro. This is a single coil atomizer and this atomizer comes in two colors, I received stainless steel one. Atomizer comes in very nice package, in the package you will receive coils and cotton, so if you don't have you can use coils and cotton from the package which is really good, also in the package you will receive bubble glass tank. On the top cap you can see some really nice details and on the airflow ring you can also see some details to help with airflow adjustment. On the top cap you can see "Kelpie" engraved and you can see arrow engraved, on the chamber you can see engraved logo. From the bottom of the atomizer you can see standard informations and we have here gold plated 510 pin and threads here are good.


    With this atomizer you will receive one 810 drip tip, this drip tip comes preinstalled and drip tip stands very nice in the place and in my opinion it is very comfortable for using. On this atomizer you can use any other 810 drip tip that you have if you don't like this one.
    This is a top fill atomizer and we have sliding system here, so basically you only need to push the top cap in order to fill the tank. On the top cap you can see arrow engraved where you need to push the top cap and when you push the top cap you can see the fill hole and hole is pretty much big, you will be able to use any bottles here without any problems. There is no any leaking when you fill the atomizer which is very good. About the top cap, the top cap is a bit loose, I would like more tension here but still top cap never openet by itself in my pocket so far which is good. However, this atomizer is very easy to fill and you can do it without any problems.


    Atomizer comes with two glass tanks, one is regular glass tank and this tank has 2ml capacity, this capacity is maybe okay for some people. THe other one that comes in the package is bubble glass tank and this tank has 3.5ml capacity which is good capacity considering the size of the tank. On this atomizer I like to use the bubble glass tank because of the capacity and in my opinion this is a big pro because many people will use the bubble glass tank. O ring holds the tank very good at the top, so basically you can change the coil or cotton when you have e liquid left in the tank which is very good.


    Build deck on this atomizer is pretty much interesting, on the build deck you can see 4 posts and very big pro here is that you can basically place coil no matter how wraped coil is, also if coil leads are on the same side you can still place the coil on the build deck, very big pro in my opinion.
    Screws that holds the coil leads are good, screws hold the leads good but screws are very small and this will be a con, but still screw works good.
    On this atomizer on the build deck you can see a lot of airflow holes, you can see 30 airflow holes, so airflow will hit the coil from the bottom and it will hit the coil from the sides which is very good. Maybe I would be better that holes in one row from each side are not here because airflow from last row holes missing the coil. Also on the deck you can see two wicking slots. You can pretty much easy build on this rta and also you can very easy place the cotton on the deck.
    On the base you can see the airflow control ring and on the ring you can see two airflow holes. You can very easy adjust the airflow and what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the another side, also we have a stopper here.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

    Let me start from the packaging, I really like that they included in the package two coils and cotton because someone will use the coils and cotton from the package, in my opinion this is a big plus and I think that with every atomizer they should send coils and cotton. Also I really like that in the package you will receive bubble glass tank because with that tank capacity is way better.
    Building on this rta is very simple and easy, big plus that no matter how your coil is wraped you will be able to place the coil on the deck, but screws are small and that will be a con to someone, once again screws works just good without any problems. On this atomizer I like to use coil 3mm in diameter and I can suggest you 3mm coil because in my opinion this atomizer works best with 3mm coil. Wicking is very easy also, I suggest you to place the cotton as I did, on the picture you can see how it looks. It is very important to place the cotton as I did because that way wicking is great and there is no any leaking. So if you do everything right yo will have no problems with leaking and wicking.
    Fill hole on the top is good and you will be able to fill the tank with any bottle which is very good, but I belive that tension on the top cap should be better, once again it never opened by itself which is very good.
    Flavor on this rta is very good, or I can say that flavor is great, but I belive flavor would be even better with less holes on the deck, but still this is a flavor chaser for sure.
    Airflow on this atomizer is very good, very smooth airflow and I really like the airflow here, also the ariflow is restricted which I personally like and this airflow is very good for me and my vaping style.
    So, this is a very good atomizer especially if you want to buy atomizer for good flavor because with this one you will get great flavor, also airflow is very smooth and build quality is good.


    - Very small screws on the deck
    - I wish more tension on the top cap


    - Good build quality
    - I like the design
    - Comfortable drip tip
    - Coils and cotton in the package
    - No leaking
    - Easy to fill
    - You can change the cotton when you have liquid left in the tank
    - Airflow is very smooth
    - Honeycomb airflow under the coil
    - Flavor is very good
    - Easy to adjust the airflow
    - Bubble glass tank in the package
    - Very easy to build
    - Very easy to wick
    - You can place the coil no matter how it is wraped

    Thanks Heaven gifts
    You can buy it here: Kelpie rta
  2. bombastinator

    bombastinator ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    I remember reading somewhere that the legendary kelpie faeries (aquatic horses who ate small children) may have been extremely large and ancient Wells catfish. They have a horselike head and they never stop growing.
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