ELA V2: Thoughts & Impressions

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Nov 6, 2009
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    I know writing a review or impressions post at this point is pretty moot, but I wanted share my thoughts on the ELA V2.

    I started with a Super Six as my first mod in early 2010, then I upgraded to a Precise Plus 18650 two years later. The P+ was what finally got me completely off cigarettes, it worked great for me for nearly 3 years. Last fall I decided it was time for an upgrade, and while I looked at the ELA V2, I really wanted a VV/VW regulated mod. I ended up with a VaporShark rDNA 40 and an eleaf istick 20 Watt. I really liked both devices and was really happy with them. Then, a few months ago, I find out Super T was closing it's doors, that meant the ELA V2 I would get "someday" was now or never. So I ran the credit card up a bit more and ordered an ELA V2 with lots of accessories and extras.

    When the ELA V2 arrived it was a beautifully crafted mod, as with all of David's products. I intended to give it a try, but anticipated it spending most of it's time in a drawer as a backup or vape apocalypse scenario type device. Well, two months later, the istick has been passed on to my wife while the rDNA mostly sets idle on the console of my loveseat. My everyday vape is now the ELA V2 equipped with a Squape Reloaded. The ELA is super simple, reliable, and ergonomic. When I reach for a vape it's what I pick up.

    Now that the ELA is my everyday vape I started to get concerned. If I use it constantly something is bound to get damaged or wear out eventually. I like it so well I didn't want to put it away for safe keeping, so what could I do? I finally came up with a great solution to this problem, I bought another one, just don't tell my wife.

    In all seriousness, David, this is one fine mod, thank you for the great products you've created and the lives you've saved. Good luck in your future business ventures.
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    Feb 26, 2015
      I received ELA v2 two months ago. ELA is my first mec mod. I use it with Squape and Kayfun lite plus and V4. it is my everyday vape because I found them more simple and reliable then VW mods(semovar and dicodes). I can coclude next:
      I am lucky that my first mod(ela)is so god ,simple ,beautifule and user friendly,in oposite I will never know the advanatages of mechanical devices.
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