Eleaf iJust ECM kit 3000mah review

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Apr 22, 2017
Ijust ECM kit comes in few different colors:

- Dazzling
- Gold
- Silver
- Black
- Blue


Kit specification:

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 137mm
Weight: 159g 4ml/157g 2ml

Atomizer specification:

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 54mm with 510 pin
Capacity: 4ml/2ml

mod specification:

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 87.5mm
Weight: 99g
Coil resistance: 0.1-3ohm
Max output power: 40w
Capacity: 3000mah

In the box:

- iJust ECM mod
- iJust ECM atomizer 4ml
- EC-M 0.15ohm coil
- EC-N 0.15ohm coil
- Spare glass tank
- USB cable
- 2 x user manual
- Spare parts


The Eleaf iJust ECM comes with a 3000mAh iJust ECM battery mod and an iJust ECM atomizer. Height of the kit is 137mm, diameter is 25mm. Pretty much nice combination, so let's start from the atomizer.


Ecm atomizer

Ecm atomizer is 25mm in diameter, height of this atomizer is 54mm with 510 pin, separately you can buy the atomizer in same colors as kit, which is nice cause you can choose between 5 colors. Build quality is solid, threads are very good, not sharp at all. I received atomizer in black and ss color and you can see few details on it, on the top cap you can see engraved arrow where you need to push the top cap in order to open it and fill the tank, from the bottom of the atomizer you can see engraved "Eleaf" and engraved "iJust ECM" and that's basically all, this is very clean atomizer.


Drip tip that comes on the top of the atomizer has two o rings on it, so you can't use here standard 810 drip tips or 510 drip tips, but of course you can use drip tips with two o rings, you can use drip tips from smok for example. Inner diameter of the drip tip is 14mm, height of the drip tip is 15mm, drip tip stands very nice in the place.
Under the drip tip you can see the top cap, this is top fill atomizer and filling the atomizer is very easy. As I said, in order to fill the tank you need to push top cap on the place where is engraved arrow. When you push the top cap you can see the hole for e liquid, the hole is big, so you probably won't have any problems with bigger tip, basically you can fill the tank fast and easy.

Tank has 4ml capacity, in the package you will receive one spare glass with 4ml capacity as well. In my opinion capacity is okay, 4ml should be fine for average vaper, especially in combination with easy top fill system. There is no bubble glass for this atomizer, this may be a con to someone, but you can buy this atomizer with 2ml capacity tank and this tank looks very nice, but capacity that way is way to small for me and 4ml is perfectly fine in my opinion.



In the box you will receive two coils and coils are different. Atomizer comes with pre installed EC-M coil, this is mesh coil, resistance of the coil is 0.15ohm, recommended power for the coil is 30-75w. The other coil that you will receive as spare coil is EC-N coil, this is also mesh coil and this one has resistance of 0.15ohm, recommended power for this coil is 30-70w. So, both coils are mesh coils, but when you look at the coils you can see that coils are little bit different.
As always before you fill the tank you will need to prime your coil with e liquid and then you can fill the tank and that way you can vape after you fill the tank without any problems and without dry hits.
Very big pro here is compatibility with other coils, you can use here coils from: iJust2, atlantis, atlantis 2, melo, melo 2, melo 3, melo 3 mini, melo 3 nano, aspire triton, silo beast.


On the base threads where you need to screw your coil are good as well and you won't have problems with it. On base you can see the airflow control ring and two airflow slots. Slots are very big and on this atomizer you can expect really big airflow and because of that you can use it at high power. The airflow control ring works very nice and you can easily adjust your airflow, what you adjsut on one side it will be the same on the another side.



Using ECM atomizer

Ecm atomizer is very simple to use as it should be, you can very easy change your coils and you can very easy fill your tank.
On the airflow control ring there is nothing engraved, but you can adjust the airflow very easy even without engravings, but I would like that here is something engraved to make base unscrewing easier, so this can be a little con. I tried here EC-M coil and also I tried coils from melo 3 atomizer, because atomizer is compatible with melo coils, that is very nice and if you have any atomizer from above you can use coils from that atomizers here. Mesh coil from the package works very well, I'm using 70-30 vg-pg e liquid and there is no problems with wicking even when I chain vape, there is no any leaking as well. First time when I tried mesh coil from the package I can say that flavor was muted, but after 20 puffs coil worked very good and now I can say that flavor is very solid and also I can say that with this coil i can taste more sweetness in e liquid that I vape every day. If you ask me this coil from the package works better than melo 3 coil, flavor is better in my opinion. Vapor production is very good. When airflow slots are fully open airflow is not louad and air is smooth, but when airflow is half opened it starts to whistle a little bit, that's not a problem for me, but may be for you.
I tried this atomizer on adjustable wattage mod and I can say that for me atomizer works best at 50w with airflow half opened, as I said I don't mind loud airflow.

ECM mod

Ecm mod is 25mm in diameter and you can use here atomizers with diameter up to 25mm without overhang, height of the device is 87.5mm, weight is 99g, so basically this is a very small device but you can use it with 25mm atomizers which is good. You can buy this device in few different colors and every color has own pattern which I kinda like. The device can work up to 40w and it can be used with coil resistance from 0.1ohm-3ohm. Build quality is solid and so far everything is good.


From the top of the device you can see engraved "Eleaf" and you can see engraved "iJust ECM". Here is stainless steel connection with solid threads, threads are not sharp and gold plated spring loaded center pin. Also on the top and on the bottom you can see nice details, I would like the same details on the airflow ring on the atomizer. From the bottom of the mod you can see engravings and single venting hole.

The device has very big fire button, the fire button has triangle shape, personally I like the fire button, especially because it is big, the fire button protruding as well and it is not hard to find it when you want to vape. The fire button is very clicky and on the fire button you can see transparent triangle, so when you vape you will see the light, this light is also battery indicator and you can't turn off the light on this device. Personally I like to see the battery indicator on devices like this one.
Form the other side of the device you can see the usb port for battery charge. Max charging current is 1A, when your device is on the charger you will see red light and when it is fully charged light will go out. This device has built in 3000mah battery and I think that battery should last all day to average vaper.

Battery indicator:

- Green light - battery capacity is 100%-30%
- Blue light - battery capacity is 29%-10%
- Red light - battery capacity is less than 9%



This is very simple device for using, you can turn on the device with 5 clicks on the fire button and to turn it off you need to click 5 times on the fire button. This device works in direct output mode and you can't use it in constant output mode, so basically this one works as mechanical mod with protections, performance will decrease with battery discharging, max power that this device can give is 40w. Manufacturer says that device will shut down when battery capacity is less than 3.3V.


- Over-charge protection
- Over-discharge protection
- Over-current
- Over 15s protection
- Short circuit protection

Using the ecm mod

Considering that I like to use tube mods, personally I like to use this one as well, it is very comfortable for using and especially I like the big fire button and I didn't have any problems with the fire button, it works good. It would be better if they included in the kit coil with higher resistance because this device can deliver 40w but in my opinion atomizer works best at 50watts with coil from the package and device works in direct output mode so performance will decrease fast. I can say that kit works very decent when capacity of the battery is higher than 30% and after that power is low for the coil from the package. With coil from melo 3 atomizer, coil resistance is 0.5ohm, kit works way better, but with mesh coil from the package flavor is way better. Of course I tried this mod with other atomizers and it works very well, I didn't have any problem and everything is perfectly fine.
Battery is good, 3000mah should be okay for average vaper, especially with higher coil resistance. I like to see battery indicator on the device and I can see the light even outside. Basically if you like to vape at lower power I can say that this one will be good for you and it works like mechanical mod but with protections with 40w max power.
If you use coils with higher resistance you can enjoy with this kit for sure, but still flavor will be better with mesh coils from the package.
So, this mod has very solid build quality and so far it works without any problems and if you want device that works in direct output mode with protections, you can check this one.

You can get it here: Ijust ECM KIT
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