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Eleaf iJust Mini kit - review by stratus.vaping

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by stratus.vaping, Jul 18, 2019.

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  1. stratus.vaping

    stratus.vaping Super Member ECF Veteran

    Eleaf iJust Mini kit Review by stratus.vaping

    Eleaf provided me with the device, but I always try to give a realistic review, usually after a week or more of daily use. I try to give a “real user” review rather than delving into the numbers, others do that much better than I can. I normally use a well known premium e-liquid for all my reviews, it’s high VG, zero Nic and uses fruit flavourings with complex flavour notes, I know how it tastes in many devices and with varied settings, in that way I can try to judge how good a device is at releasing subtle flavours.

    Hello ECF-ers,

    This time I’ll more brief than usual, I’ve got some arthritis in the most important mouse finger and it’s a bit of an ouch at the moment. Secondly the iJust Mini works very well indeed, so no big problems to report. After a few lacklustre pods from Eleaf ( and others!) and a Tance that went faulty during early testing ( these things happen sometimes, particularly with early samples) this mini mod is a joy to use.

    The iJust Mini is the tiny wee sibling in the iJust family that has some great devices, it’s pod sized yet has features that set it apart.


    The supplied kit consists of the battery base, iJust Mini Atomiser with a 2ml straight glass fitted, a spare 3ml bubble glass, USB cable, a good spare parts set including large and small O-rings and a tank tool, 3 coils ( the ceramic coil will be an extra in the retail kit) of which more later and two user manuals.

    I received the dazzle colour, there’s black, green, silver, red and what looks like gunmetal. The green and red have a rubberised finish. I’m not a “dazzle” person, but the colouring is not too... uhm, dazzling, fairly muted in fact so I like it!



    The vaguely techy bits

    The Mini measures 104mm high, 22mm diameter, and weighs 90g unfilled with 2ml glass. Fits in the hand very well. The internal cell has a 1100mAh capacity and is charged using the micro-usb connector on the back. It works with 0.3 to 3.0 ohm coils, with a max output power of 25W that’s adjustable with 3 levels.

    There’s just one control/fire button with LED behind that has a good positive feel, the usual 5 clicks on/off, 3 clicks to adjust the 3 step power indicated by the LED -

    Red - low
    Blue - medium
    Green - high

    Yup, if you’re thinking the way I do that’s kinda counter intuitive as Red usually indicates “hot” or “full on” etc, maybe it’s a cultural thing, anyone know?

    To check the set power level click twice when on to show the above colours. That’s because when you press the fire button to vape the LED colour does not indicate the set power level, it shows the remaining charge! That confused me until I read the destructions ...

    Green - 100 - 60%
    Blue - 59 - 20%
    Red - <19%

    Charging through the micro-USB is easy enough, the LED is red when charging and goes out when full.

    The iJust tank

    Exploded diagram -


    It’s a tiny tank, to run through the features:

    Liquid lock - unscrew the atomiser base with the airflow ring, the coils are push in, not screw, just pull the coil out and slider doors seal the airholes and no liquid comes out. It works.


    There’s a bit of liquid on and in the coil as you can see, but the ability to change the coil without emptying and a lot of mess is a real plus imho.

    Cleaning - to fully strip the small tank is a little more tricky and I found it a bit fiddly with my poorly finger... there’s two notches in the Seal ring ( see above diagram), use the supplied tool to unscrew, the glass seals are a very tight fit and need a fair bit of force to get off. But zero leaks, none.

    Filling - there’s a child proof system, lift the top cap and slide in the arrow direction and fill. A very effective silicon seal plugs the fill hole, push through it to fill. The top cap slide is a bit loose on my sample but it doesn’t rattle or leak.

    Air control - a lot of control here, the adjustable ring has a wide aperture slot and a series of holes, it’s easy to get the level of air you want in tandem with the coil options.

    Mouthpiece/drip tip - is a nice long 510 affair with 2 seal rings, a wee bit loose fitting imho.

    Coils - My early sample had the coils and box named incorrectly, I’m assured that is now fixed. They are:

    1. GT-M 0.6 ohm
    Kanthal Mesh, 10-25W to use with max power for lots of vapour, fair flavour too. Warm vape.

    2. GT 1.2 ohm
    NiCr vertical coil, 7-14W, for MTL. Not my thing, but works well with the air control for a restricted vape.

    3. GT-C 1.4 ohm
    NiCr vertical coil in a ceramic wicking surround. 6-12W, seems to provide lots of air, with plenty of vapour and good flavour, my personal top choice from the three, an optional purchase I believe, I will buy some more, love it. Medium power setting and half open air control gives me a cool satisfying DTL vape. High is warm with a surprising amount of vapour.

    Battery power seems to last a long while, I don’t chain vape, it’s been in my rotation of three mods for 2 weeks, I’ve charged it twice- so not a real test of battery life ofc. 1100mAh is ok for a device of this size and flexibility.

    So to sum up:

    Positives - the Mini vapes well, it’s tiny, powerful, MTL-DTL with good airflow control, absolutely zero leaks or spitting and gurgling ( hallelujah!) during my >2 week use, 3 coil choices, easy filling and no big mess coil changes. Small and fits in the hand and pocket well. It’s simple but flexible, I like that.


    Negatives - I don’t like the power setting LED colour choice and dismantling the tiny tank is a bit fiddly.

    Would I buy one, yes in a heartbeat. But probably Gunmetal 8)

    Mmm I wasn’t brief ... sorry!

    For more fancy graphics and detail see the Eleaf page -

    iJust mini - Eleaf electronic cigarette
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