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Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 GTiO

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Oct 29, 2019.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    Eleaf launches the new iStick Amnis 2, a successful entry level kit with a new elegant design, the new configuration includes an integrated 1100 mAh battery with type C USB charging with 25 watts of power, its GTiO atomizer provides an adjustable lower airflow, easy top refill, a bubble tank to increase capacity, a mesh coil for better steam production and aroma and is offered in 2 Basic and Childproof versions with safety button for access to the refill.

    Features and specifications
    Mod size: 35 mm x 19.5 mm x 120 mm
    Tank dimensions: 20 mm x 53 mm
    Weight: 124gr
    Colors: red, black, rainbow, green, silver
    1100 mAh internal battery
    Type C USB charging system (DC 5V)
    Modes: bypass, low power, medium power, high power, maximum power.
    Max power: 23 W
    Connection 510
    Colors: silver, red, blue, purple, green
    Tank capacity: 1.8 ml (bubble 3ml)
    Top-down refill or childproof safety system.
    Adjustable air flow control at the bottom with a ring nut.

    The packaging of Nuova Amnis2 shows the image of the product at the front with some peculiar characteristics.
    In the back we find listed: contents, specifications, barcode, logos & brands and manufacturer address.

    On one side there are the icons of the many social networks where Eleaf promotes its activity.
    Scratch and check to check the originality of the product, which can be checked on the official website, is on the opposite side.


    The first visual impact once the package of the new Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 is opened.


    The package contents includes:

    1 Mod iStick Amnis 2 (Basic Version)
    1 GTiO atomizer
    1 Coil GT M 0.6Ω
    1 Coil GT 1.2Ω
    1 USB-C cable
    1 Bubble tank 3ml in Pyrex
    1 Drip tip replacement
    1 spare O'ring
    1 tank key
    1 Crewneck
    1 Amnis User Manual 2
    1 GTiO user manual
    1 Guarantee card


    The iStick seen from the side shows the position of the fire button and its surfaces are worked in a simple but elegant way.


    The first front side in the image below includes a top setting button, below are 5 LEDs.

    The second side shown shows the position of the USB-C socket.


    The gold-plated spring-loaded pin 510 is in an almost central position with respect to the surface designed to house the GTiO tank or any other atomizer (up to 20mm in diameter without protrusions)

    The base of the mod has 4 vent holes, it also shows the C E logo and the disposal mark.


    Above the USB-C socket we can see the sturdy housing for the choker, made directly on the steel body.


    The Amnis 2 control is basically via 2 keys, the fire key is used to turn on / off the device (5 click) and of course to vape.

    There is a preheating function which is activated when the mod is turned on with 3 clicks on the Fire button, this process lasts 10 seconds accompanied by the flashing LED.

    The battery status indicator is activated when the fire button is pressed, if it is green it means that the charge of the bacterium is between 60 and 100%, if it is blue it is between 20 and 59%, if it is red it is less than 20%.

    The setting button visible at the top of the image below has the task of making us choose between 4 available power steps (Low, Medium, High, Max) or By-pass (the last circular LED).
    To activate the selection of these 5 delivery modes, 2 clicks are required, then with 1 click we will pass from one adjustment to another, this chosen setting will be highlighted by the white LED lighting.

    If the installed coil is less than 1Ω, delivery will be based on the values below shown in the table and expressed in W.
    If the installed coil is equal to or greater than the 1Ω value, the values supplied will be equivalent to those of the table expressed in VOLT.


  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    For our safety the mod has all the necessary protections.


    Tank GTiO Basic version (optional Childproof version)



    The Drip Tip in derlin coii as the optional one of different shapes are both equipped with 2 sealing O'rings.

    The "sliding" top cap has an arrow that indicates where it must be pressed to access the well-sized refill slot.


    The first of the 3 images below shows the central structure of the GTiO and the slots for supplying the liquid for the coil, the housing of the coil and the support ring for the Pyrex tank. To replace the Pyrex or to clean the GTiO, it is necessary to unscrew this ring nut, for this operation we will use the key supplied in the kit and visible in the photo.


    We can see the Coil once installed in its groove and the inside of the deck with the contact pin.
    The lower part of the GTiO shows us the pin (Not Gold Plated), the disposal logo, the C E brand, the Eleaf and GTiO writings.


    The air-flow control ring is equipped with a stop, it can select / partialize 4 holes to "grow" or a slot that if completely opened gives a very good Flavor with the mesh coil ..


    There are two types of data coil supplied with the GTiO, a 0.8M GT M with a 10-25W operating range for MTL / restricted flavor and a classic 1.2Ω GT with a 7-12W range exclusively for the use in MTL.


    Final considerations.
    Definitely an object, this iStick Amnis 2, which I liked very much for a number of reasons such as the all-steel construction that makes it certainly sturdy and well protected from falls, the minimalist and elegant line with finishes depending on the color, the presence of the Type-C for recharging, the presence of 4 power options and the By-Pass system, the small 20mm GTiO tank with the mesh has a really good aromatic yield, it shares the same coils as the iJust Mini from 22mm, but unlike this if we wanted to change the coil to full tank we will not have the block of the liquid, at least the version in my possession basic version is not equipped with it, another favorable aspect is that with these new tanks the leakage of liquid they are just a thing of the past.

    Here our iStick Amnis 2 together with the little brother Ijust Mini, in the other picture we can see it worn; I especially liked the strap I supplied, I find it indispensable for my outings (we also use it at home) as well as being a useful accessory, it is of very good quality, adjustable and sturdy, it also hooks into a groove directly on the shell in steel, I have therefore no heartache about the fact that something can be unhooked or torn.



    In my opinion this kit has several, I have found no defects, of course you could argue that the tc, the screen, a regenerable base or other devilry is missing, but we would be talking about a very different price range and not a kit to start suitable for everyone!
    If you are looking for an entry level with good performance / performance for MTL vaping (with the Mesh coil), with the perfect look (my opinion), good build quality / sturdiness, low price and ease of use there advice certainly, it's for you!

    I thank Eleaf: Eleafworld E cig | Best E-Cigarette Brands | E-Cigarette for sending me this product.

    Eleaf iStick Ambis 2 with GTiO: iStick Amnis 2 with GTiO - Eleaf electronic cigarette

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