Eleaf iStick i80 With Melo C Tank Review By Frenkyou


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  • Apr 26, 2019
      Eleaf iStick i80 with Melo C 1.jpg

      Hi, today let's take a look at eleaf istick i80 Kit. I will examine in this Test each of the characteristics that distinguish this item. I hope that by the end of this reading you may have understood this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
      • Enjoy the reading.

      eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Before starting let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:

      • Power in hand
      • Great flavor is simple with EC2 Coils
      • Huge 3000mAh battery
      • Compact and ergonomic
      • As smart as ever

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      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Packaging:
      This kit is contained in a black and green rigid cardboard box, on the front side there are; the vibrant giant Eleaf logo and a small picture of the kit. On the back of the box you can once again see the giant Eleaf logo and a long line of legal logos & marks.

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      On the side of the package you can read; the content, specifications, support email and manufacturer address. Also you can see; a barcode, sample coloring, scratch & check, and some main features in the form of icons.

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      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Packing List:
      • 1 × iStick i80 Mod
      • 1 × MELO C Tank
      • 1 × EC2-M 0.3Ω Coil (Pre-installed)
      • 1 × EC2 0.5Ω Coil
      • 1 × USB Type-C Cable
      • 2 × User Manuals
      • 1 × Warranty Card

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      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 36x29x 134.5mm
      • Weight of the Mod: 120g
      • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
      • Output power: 1-80W
      • Methods; VW Smart, Bypass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS316, M1, M2 and M3.
      • Melo C tank capacity: 5ml (TPD 2ml)
      • Charging current: 5V / 2A (USB-C)
      • Type of filling: Sliding top
      • Coil EC2-M 0.3Ω (Kanthal) 30-50W
      • Coil EC2 0,5Ω (Kanthal) 30-100W

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      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Available colours:
      • Black
      • Green
      • Brown
      • Blue
      • Red

      Eleaf iStick i80 with Melo C 7.jpg

      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; First Impressions:
      I am particularly pleased today to be able to describe this entry-level kit from Eleaf, a brand that is particularly close to my heart! This Chinese company has a reputation for building robust devices that last over time. My first Pico 75 from 2017 proves it, because after 5 years it still works perfectly. After an invasion of disposable pod devices here is finally a true Mod 510 with a giant 3,000mAh internal battery for long range. This Kit has a very small Mod (i80), I did not expect it to be so comfortable to hold, it weighs very little (120g). In addition, the mod has a sober appearance, without unnecessary decorations and appears sturdy. The Melo tank supplied is the economic version of this successful series of tanks. The Melo Tank series is equipped with a particularly wide platform of replaceable, high-performance and well-structured coils.

      Eleaf iStick i80 with Melo C 8.jpg

      Eleaf iStick i80 with Melo C 9.jpg

      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; How it is made:
      I received two examples of iStick i80 Kit for this review, the copies that Eleaf kindly sent me are in Black and Red colors. I was expecting the usual decoration of the side panels in imitation leather, instead the side panels and the handle are made of rigid plastic and with diagonal striped weaves intertwined without superfluous writing. Probably the cover was chosen for an attractive economic offer, however I do not regret too much the usual soft pillow that is now found everywhere on any device.

      The zinc alloy frame is painted black and frontally houses a large dark-colored plastic screen. The screen includes the fire button and two solid and sturdy metal adjustment buttons. Below the display is the 5V / 2A Type-C fast charging port. The monochrome display uses rather bright fonts and identical to those of the well-known Pico Mod. The information shown by default on the display is basic and essential. However, the chipset inside the i80 Mod is really full of modes and functions, and when these are set, they add more data to look at on the small display. In practice, the iStick i80 has a sober, almost humble appearance, but hides a rich and exuberant heart.

      Eleaf iStick i80 with Melo C 10.jpg


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Operation Guide:
      • Power on / off: Press the Fire button 5 times
      • Lock / Unlock Display: Press Up / Down together
      • Vape mode selection: Press the Fire button 3 times, press +/- to choose a mode among Wattage (VW), Bypass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS316,
      TCR-M1, TCR-M2 and TCR-M3.
      • In Wattage mode (VW), you can adjust the power by 0.1W at a time from 1 to 60W, in steps of 0.1W up to 20W and in steps of 1W from 20 to 60W.
      • In Wattage mode (VW) there is the intelligent automatic coil detection function, with suggestion of the ideal power, and there is also the memory function of the previously set power.
      • Screen Rotation: With the mod off you can continue to press the UP / Fire buttons to rotate the screen 180 °.
      • In TC mode (Ni, Ti, SS, TCR-M1 / M2 / M3), first press the power button 4 times in quick succession and then press the +/- button to adjust the power.
      • Temperature adjustment: in TC mode (Ni, Ti, SS, TCR-M1 / M2 / M3), you can press the +/- buttons to increase / decrease the temperature value.


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Main menu:
      Press the FIre / Up buttons simultaneously to enter the menu, here you can lock / unlock the coil in TC mode, activate / deactivate the stealth mode, check the firmware version, check the battery status, activate / deactivate the preheating function in mode Wattage (WW), set the TCR value in TCR mode (M1 / M2 / M3) by simply pressing the +/- button to move or adjust and press the Fire button once to confirm your choice. You can also reset the Puff / Time counter to zero by first navigating to the Puff / Time submenu and then holding down the + button.
      After completing the settings, you can move to the EXIT icon and press the Fire button to confirm and return to the main interface.


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Properties and Protections:
      • Resistance range: 0.15- 3.0Ω (VW / BP mode) / 0.05-1.0Ω (TC mode)
      • "Over-time" protection: Whenever the vape time exceeds 10 seconds, the screen displays "Over 10S protection" and the output will stop automatically.
      • Short circuit protection: When a short circuit occurs, the screen displays "Atomizer Short".
      • "No Atomizer Found" Warning: If the device does not detect any atomizer, the screen displays "No Atomizer found".
      • Low voltage protection: When the voltage of the device is lower than 3.3V, the screen displays "Low voltage" and there is no output when vaping. Charge the device to wake it up.


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; 510 thread and bottom base:
      In the upper part of the i80 there is the writing "eleaf" in white which is well highlighted by the black color of the frame. The 510 cup is slightly off-center, has a spring-loaded, gold-plated pin. It also holds its 25mm Melo C Tank well, and you can install any MTL atomizer with a decent aesthetic result. On the underside there are various white writings on a black background. On the bottom there are 4 torx screws, the brand (C E), the disposal logo and the writing "iStick i80". The size of the base allows you to keep the mod stably vertical on flat surfaces.


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Melo C Tank:
      This version of the Tank Melo has a good e-liquid capacity (5ml) and is easy to refill by sliding the top cap and following the orientation arrow. I would have liked a replaceable driptip, however the one supplied is comfortable for the lips, plus it has an internal hole size (6mm) which is universal enough to get good wide range performance.


      The air control ring has two opposing slots of 10x3mm each, and is equipped with stops for maximum opening and total closure of the flow. The ring offers good contrast without drafts and is easy to rotate. The tank has a large transparent surface, instead of the classic glass there is a plastic cylinder (not replaceable) which also seems rather resistant to shocks.


      Below you can easily guess the economic extraction of this tank which is made up of 90% plastic. The only steel part is the base, on which the coil is screwed which then holds the base itself together with the top cap.


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; EC2 Coils:
      Melo C Tank uses Jwei's popular EC2 platform which is particularly rich with tons of coils ranging from narrow MTL to deepest DL. For the occasion you will find two coils for RDL-DL supplied with this kit, both made of kanthal but of different types; a very reactive Mesh coil (EC2-M 0.3Ω) and a classic spiral coil (EC2 0.5Ω) which has a particularly wide range of use.


      ► Eleaf iStick i80 Kit; Vaping test & final conclusions:
      For this test I tried both kits that Eleaf sent me, in one I installed the 0.3Ω coil and in the other the 0.5Ω one. The test was done with a tropical fruit e-liquid that I know very well, its composition is as follows; PG / VG 70.30 and boost 3mg / ml.

      • Coil EC2-M 0,3Ω (Kanthal) 30-50W:
      This reactive Mesh Coil is the one you find pre-installed on the Melo C. My coil is detected and recognized by the chipset with a value of 0.32Ω and with the Smart VW function active the chipset sets 28W by default. The advice for a longer duration in time is however to not exceed the maximum wattage reported on the coil which is 50W. At 30W of power and responsiveness there is plenty of it, it works great with any AFC opening degree producing big clouds and decent flavor. The peak of the flavor is obtained between 45 and 50W and the heat of the vapor is not excessive. For my vape style I was satisfied with setting and maintaining 35W of power which are also an excellent compromise for a long battery life. I usually keep the AFC open at 50%, a few times I further reduce its opening for a tighter airflow and I get hotter vapor and more hit the way I like it.

      • Coil EC2 0,5Ω (Kanthal) 30-100W:
      This particular Kanthal wire coil has an incredibly extended range of use, far above the physical limit of the Mod which is 80w !. My coil is detected and recognized by the chipset with a value of 0.48Ω and with the Smart VW function active the chipset sets 28W by default (like the previous coil I tested). The advice for a longer battery life is not to exceed 50W, however the chipset with the Smart function active does not allow to exceed 60W of power as it detects a resistive value of 0.5Ω and consequently the artificial intelligence respects the parameters by default inserted in the Smart function. At 60W with AFC wide open, the vapor production of this coil is massive and the flavor is quite good thanks also to the small size of the driptip (6mm) which concentrates the flow of vapor without dispersing it too much. I normally use this 50W coil with satisfaction with AFC open at 50% and sometimes even only open by 1/3 to increase the heat and the hit (as I like it).

      • iStick i80 Kit:
      As I anticipated, i80 Mod is a double-sided device, it has a sober and humble "clothing" for work, but it contains within it a chipset that is particularly rich in adjustments and modes to suitably satisfy all levels of experience of vapers. Handling, weight and dimensions of the mod are at the top and you can verify this by placing a common lighter next to the Mod! The set power remains constant until the last puff and the feeling is that the delivery is quite in line with the set value. The performance of the 3,000mAh internal battery is excellent in my opinion. I have experienced 409 Puffs at 35w and 250 Puffs at 50W. Charging time is around 90 minutes via notebook. You can use any type of 5V / 2A power supply for this operation.

      Ultimately the Melo C also gets along just fine because it honestly does its job and closing its eyes does not make any other tank regret it. Yes, of course the DripTip is not replaceable and there is some "whistling" too much during suction and depending on how you open the air adjustment ring. However, I have never encountered e-liquid leaks and I must say that I liked this cheaply made Tank, so I promote it because we must also consider that as a whole the tank contributes to lowering the purchase price of this excellent entry level Kit.

      • Simple and elegant i80 mod
      • i80 mod packed with features and modes
      • Mod i80 with reduced dimensions and weight
      • Bright screen
      • Modes: VW Smart, Bypass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TCSS, M1, M2 and M3.
      • Incredible battery life
      • Battery recharges fast considering its large capacity
      • EC2 performance coils
      • Good regulation of RDL / DL airflow

      • Non-replaceable Drip Tip

      On the Eleaf website you have the chance to win a kit by answering a few questions:

      I would like to thank Eleaf for providing me with the kit. I hope this review was helpful for anyone wishing to purchase the Eleaf iStick i80 Kit.

      Thanks for reading.

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