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Larissa Jones

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May 19, 2013
Coshocton, Ohio
    Hey all,

    I've been searching for a vendor or flavor that has good tobacco flavors similar to smokeless image tobacco flavors. I've tried several vendors tobacco flavors and they all taste completely disgusting to me and my husband. We quit smoking with smokeless image 555, desert Joe, country and freedom eliquid (not the pre filled carts, they aren't as good) and have been trying to find something as good but cheaper, as we are on a tight budget.
    We have already tried and steeped and tried again the following vendors flavors and juices:

    EC Blends: tried 555, reg tobacco, desert gold. Worst taste and smell ever. Let them steep for a week and a half, still smell and taste the same, just a little watered down. Apparently they are only good with fruits and desserts.

    Aqua vapor : tobacco flavors very meh. Coffee flavors were horrible, dessert flavors okay and the fruits were pretty good. Steeped 2 weeks.

    Mt baker: have only tried the 555 cause of my experience with EC blends , didn't want to spend more than that. Steeped a week, taste like a very bad and soapy caramel, nothing like tobacco.

    I've wasted a bunch of money on these juices and haven't found any of them to be the quality of SI`s juices. My fav SI juice is 555, has a very nice tobacco taste with a awesome buttered popcorn flavor. Can vape it all day. I also like all the other tobacco flavors they have.

    If anyone can help me find something id appreciate it!



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    Jun 25, 2012
      Your story is so familiar to me, SI 555 is my favorite and I have tried many liquids looking for something similar but cheaper by buying bulk.

      I have found nothing that I like as much as the SI 555. Of course I don't want to discourage your hunt but I, myself, gave up. When Smokeless Image runs a sale I stock up. If no sale I always use a coupon code and I believe when you spend over 50 you get free shipping.

      If/When you find what you're looking for message me, I would love to try what you find. good luck :)


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      Jan 1, 2011
        SI tobacco liquids are Chinese, so you'll be able to get them for very cheap. Not sure what brand, there's a few Chinese companies that sell almost all the liquid in pre-filled cartos. Hangsen, DeKang, and Janty are big ones. You can get this liquid super cheap in big bottles. Madvapes and Goodejuice carry some but don't know the best place to go.

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        May 11, 2013
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          I think FastTech sells Hangsen. But in teeny weeny bottles. May still end up being cheaper though. Have no idea how it compares, but one person liked it (only one review).

          Also Dekang. I like most of the flavors. The ones I haven't tried yet are the very foreign named flavors, I assume are named after popular cig brands there. Next Fastech order I'm diving in with those too lol. Less than 3 bucks for 10ml a pop isn't bad.


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          Feb 10, 2010
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            Value Vapor is one of the best and cheapest I have found... also quick, reliable shipping.

            I loved the original ry4 and dk-tab that came in my pre-filled carts when I started... but it's like chasing the dragon... those exact blends are either proprietary or...

            ValueVapor.com, Discount Electronic Cigarettes and e-Liquid


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            Jan 3, 2012
            St. Louis, MO
              Dekang hangsen etc don't taste anything like SI juices, trust me been there dumped that. Bloog and SI juices are practically identical, but bloog is generally more expensive. V4L does not taste like SI either. I do what others suggest, wait for a sale at SI and stock up

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