Embarking on a Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod Adventure: A Thorough Investigation


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Dec 8, 2022
The Vaporesso Zero 2 pod introduces a fresh design that sets it apart from the manufacturer's usual offerings. With its sleek appearance and user-friendly operation, it is a true delight for vapers. This beautiful pod is not just a sight to behold but also a dream to use, delivering exceptional vapor. Let's dive into its features and performance.
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Elegant and Functional Design:
The Zero 2 pod showcases a unique and distinctive design, setting it apart from most compact pods available today. Its rounded shape not only appeals to the eye but also gives it a high-end look. Our model features a rich black to a subtle purplish red gradient, which adds to its visual appeal, while the metallic sides exude a sense of sturdiness. Moreover, the overall shape of the Zero 2 ensures a comfortable grip, whether you hold the rounded or flat side.

The pod's design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. It is fully automatic, eliminating the need for adjusting settings or pressing buttons. There are no complicated settings to adjust or fire buttons to navigate. Instead, the colorful panel incorporates LEDs that clearly display the battery level, providing you with a quick glance at the remaining battery life. The 800 mAh battery capacity places the Zero 2 on par with the competition's average. For convenient recharging, the pod is equipped with a USB-C connector discreetly placed under the edge. While charging, the LEDs light up, keeping you informed about the progress. The best part is that you can continue vaping while the pod charges, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.

The back of the pod adopts a more standard design, featuring the brand and model names. Its flat surface allows you to place the Zero 2 on a desk or any flat surface without worrying about it tipping over. As mentioned before, the pod has been deliberately simplified to offer the fewest functions possible. There are no complicated adjustments or buttons to press. All you need to do is inhale, and the vapor is created – it's that effortless and straightforward.

Convenient Cartridge:

The convenience of the Zero 2's cartridge is truly impressive. Held securely in place on top of the battery case by two magnets, it ensures a snug fit. Although you may feel a slight play when pressing on the tank, this minor detail goes unnoticed when you have it in your mouth during daily use.

There's a hole next to the magnet that serves as the filling point for e-liquid. This clever design is spring-mounted, allowing the liquid to flow effortlessly into the tank when the bottle's tip is pressed into the hole. Monitoring the e-liquid level is hassle-free thanks to the cartridge's transparency and slight tint.

Releasing the pressure seals the opening, effectively preventing any spills or leaks. To make refilling even more convenient, the Zero 2 includes a small empty 10ml bottle, ensuring easy and mess-free tank refills.

The mouthpiece of the Zero 2 is designed like a recorder mouthpiece, delivering a satisfying vaping experience. To get the best performance, we recommend using a liquid with a balanced ratio of 50% PG and 50% VG, as this ensures optimal soaking into the wick inside the coil.

Optimized Vaping Experience:
The Zero 2 kit introduces vapers to a delightful duo of cartridges, each designed for indirect inhalation, reminiscent of the experience of drawing from a traditional tobacco cigarette. Within this dynamic pairing, the red base cartridge, equipped with a 1 ohm mesh coil, stands ready to please. Fruity flavor enthusiasts will find their taste buds dancing with joy as the mesh coil delivers exceptional results, accentuating the essence of their favorite fruits.

Stepping into the realm of gourmet e-liquids, we discovered a world of clarity in flavors, thanks to the mesh coil's prowess. However, as we savored the richness, we noticed a hint of coolness in the vapor, preventing the fullest immersion in the gourmet experience.

Yet, our taste journey was not limited to the red base cartridge, for the black base alternative was equally compelling. This one boasts a 1.3 ohm coil, providing a tighter draw that pairs seamlessly with classic flavors. As we indulged in the familiar taste akin to smoking a tobacco cigarette, we marveled at the Zero 2 pod's versatility in catering to diverse vaping preferences.

Experiencing the Zero 2 pod was a revelation, offering a truly great vape without the hassle of adjusting settings. It's a compact and discreet companion, always ready to deliver a satisfying experience, whether you're an aficionado of fruity delights or a connoisseur of classic flavors.

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