End of the World Sale! ;)

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Oct 27, 2009
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Keeping with our tradition of silly sales at no particular time, it feels like time for a sale. Talk like a Pirate day has long since passed, so.....

I think the Mayans said that on the 21st of this month we were all going turn into zombies or bronies or something. Maybe they said we were all going to be eaten alive by giant alien vegetables. This week would be the perfect time for a sale. You can stock up and get your packages before Cthulhu rises.

It's the End of the World Sale!

Sale is good for 20% off everything in stock, with the exception of the clearance items. We'll take it from now until next Monday the 17th.

As a bonus, if the world does end on the 21st:

-Unlimited warranty period on everything purchased
-Full refund, and you can keep the stuff

Please use coupon code "AAARGH" when you check out.

Please allow a longer processing period for warranty claims if the world has ended. We'll be tied up fighting off bronies most of the day.

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