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Essence Dark Chocolate 1.6% (16 mg)

Discussion in 'E Liquid Planet' started by JustJulie, May 13, 2010.

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  1. JustJulie

    JustJulie CASAA Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jan 30, 2009
    Des Moines, IA
    I have been reluctant to put down the Coconut Cream, but I was on the phone with Treece today, and she started moaning with delight as she was vaping the Dark Chocolate, so I decided to make that my next liquid to try.

    I LOVE chocolate, but have never quite found a chocolate liquid that I enjoy vaping. They all seem to have a bit of an "off" flavor, kind of tasting like dietetic chocolate on the exhale. I expected I'd like the Essence Dark Chocolate, but I was prepared to not fall in love. In other words, I didn't get my hopes up.

    When I opened the bottle, the aroma was unmistakably chocolate. When I took my first vape, I felt like I was vaping a Mounds candy bar . . . delicious. (I was lazy and didn't switch atomizers between the Coconut Cream and Dark Chocolate.) Well, I love Mounds candy bars, but I decided to vape through that, add a bit more Dark Chocolate, and then make my determination as to whether the Dark Chocolate could stand on its own.

    I have found a perfect after dinner vape. It is literally like vaping chocolate. The taste I have in my mouth as I'm typing this is absolutely chocolate . . . and not just chocolate, but a fine chocolate. This is not a brownie type flavor or chocolate syrup . . . it is like a dark chocolate bar (although a tad sweeter and not as sharp as a really, really dark chocolate).

    As with all of the Essence flavors, it tastes clean and the aftertaste remains true to the flavor. The vapor itself is very aromatic, which is something I am finding is rather characteristic of the Essence line. (My husband noticed the chocolate aroma on my exhale and found it quite pleasant.)

    This will not be an all day vape for me . . . it's too rich for that. I'll probably end up vaping it much like I'd eat a Hershey's kiss or something . . . a special treat during the day or perhaps for after a meal.

    Another home run, Josh. :thumbs:

    I almost forgot to add--a definite throat hit, although not as strong a throat hit as I get from the Essence tobacco/cigar flavors.

    (I vape with a eGo battery and a LR 510 atomizer, no cone . . . just tailpiping and direct dripping.)
  2. The Wiz

    The Wiz ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2009
    Whiskeyville USA
    Another great review JJ(especially the Treece moaning in delight part!),Never had much luck with the chocolates either...but this one sounds promising. There is definatly an aromatic taste to all of the essence that is very much to my liking. Looking forward to your review of the Orange Dreamcicle(don't tell me you didn't pick that one up either!!..LOL)

    :)The Wiz!
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