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Aug 14, 2018
    The Evove pod from Evove vape is a closed system pod designed by salt Labs. The Evove pod has some unique features that make it extremely simple to use. A perfect starter kit for current smokers.

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    Specs and Features
    • 460mAh battery
    • Anti-Leak closed system
    • Anti-Dry burn feature
    • Magnetic charging
    • 280C Constant temperature
    • Two power levels
    • Power output 5-5.5W
    • Built-In touch sensor
    • Draw activated, no buttons
    • Weight 27g
    • Size 115mm x 20.5mm
    • 700 Puss in standard mode and 600 in performance mode
    • 1 hour charge time
    • 1.8ml capacity
    • Available in proprietary flavoured nicotine salts in two strengths 20mg/ml and 50mg/ml Summer Strawberry, Classic tobacco, Menthol Chill, and Creamy Tobacco.

    Closed system pods have copped a lot of flack recently, but not all closed pod systems are associated with big tobacco. The Evove pod has a super sleek high end design and some unique features. We're starting to see more pods with magnetic charging. Which, in my opinion makes for a better looking pod. The included magnetic charger comes in the the same colour as the Evove Pod.

    The pod has two power modes, standard and high powered. Although at only 5-5.5W it’s not a huge amount of power. The battery life of the 460mAh battery is above average. The Evove pods integrated microchip regulates the temperature to a constant 280 degrees, it also helps you avoid dry hits and overuse.


    One of the interesting little features of this pod is the tap sensitivity. To check the battery of power level you simply tap the pod twice and the LED indicator light turns blue for standard mode and white for high power. The Evove pod is made from high quality materials, and the pods from a medical grade plastic.

    The Evove battery should last 2.5-3 days on a single charge. Charging takes just under an hour for a full charge. During my testing the battery lasted me four days on the initial charge. Another advantage of the Evove pod is the restrictive airflow that mimmics a traditional cigarette. Small airflow holes are located on either side of the pod. If you want a tighter draw you can cover one or both holes.


    The Evove pods use a nichrome micro coil with a silica wick. Each pod has a 1.8ml capacity with a resistance of 1.6ohms. The pods are available in two nicotine salt strenghts. 20mg/ml for light smokers and a 50mg/ml for heavy smokers. The pods are pre-filled with a choice of four flavours. Strawberry, Caramel, Tobacco and Menthol Tobacco.

    Some people really prefer refillable pods so they can use whatever flavour they like, this would be an advantage if the Evove pod had this ability. But, this is a product that has been designed for smokers in mind, and the limited choice of flavours can also be an advantage. Chances are as a smoker you’ll likely want to stick with a flavour that you know, before branching out and trying dessert or fruit flavours.


    Each pod is the equivalent to three packets of cigarettes, or 600-700 puffs. If you live in Australia a replacement pack of 4 pods is cheaper than a packet of cigarettes. The 600-700 puffs is the equivalent of 12 packets of cigarettes. The Evove pods are good value! Salt Labs, the creators of the Evove pod, only use diacetyl free flavours.

    • Summer Strawberry - This one is an interesting flavour. According to the description it’s a blend of strawberries and red wine with cooling agent. What I taste is more like strawberries and basil, but taste is one thing that can be very subjective. The level of cool is just right for my tastes, it isn’t overpowering enough to make my ears tingle, but leaves a pleasant cool sensation after.
    • Creamy Caramel - Sweet and nutty this flavour is a blend of cream and caramel mixed with peanut butter. It has a very distinct nutty aroma, it tastes more of peanut butter with a slight hint of caramel. Great with your morning coffee!
    • Menthol Chill - This one tastes exactly like a menthol cigarette. It is a blend of Zimbabwe tobacco and an icy menthol. The menthol isn’t overpowering and is quite pleasant.
    • Classic Tobacco - This one is really nice for a tobacco flavour. Virginian tobacco is the main flavour blended with, caramel, butter, and smoked malt. The flavour has a lovely hint of sweetness, you can definitely taste the caramel notes.
    Evove has two new flavours coming soon. Green Breeze a combination of mung bean and subtle mint. And, Litchi Ice a fusion of litchi and mint.



    • Battery life and pod longevity with the Evove is pretty amazing. 4 days on a single charge!
    • There are more than just menthol or tobacco and fruit flavours. The creamy caramel is a really interesting flavour.
    • The kit is reasonably priced and comes with four pods, all you need to get started vaping.
    • The touch sensor in the pod is interesting, a lack of buttons makes it a very simple device to use.
    • Constant heating means that you get a constant 280C each time you take a puff.
    • All flavours in the range are diacetyl free.
    • Being a closed system you cannot refill the Evove pods, although there is a good range of flavours available.
    • Not as powerful as some pods, but this is a great starter pod for smokers. The amount of vapour is not overwhelming for new vapers.
    Bottom Line
    The Evove pod has a unique range of flavours, overall I enjoyed them all. The classic tobacco surprisingly ended up being my favourite, it reminds me of a special tobacco blend I used to buy when I was a smoker. I really enjoyed the level of sweetness with the tobacco and caramel blends. I’ve found many pre filled pods tend to stick with fruit flavours, it’s nice to have a different option. Despite being a fairly low powered pod, it still produces a satisfying amount of vapour. One of the advantages of this pod is the longevity of the pods and the battery. With each pod being the equivalent of around 3 packets of cigarettes, it’s an economical option for current smokers.

    The extra long battery life lasting me 3-4 days on a single change is a huge pro. If you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll enjoy this pod with the 50mg/ml nicotine salt. I found the nicotine hits from the Evove pod satisfying, even though I would prefer to use my own flavours I found the tobacco blends and the creamy caramel really pleasant. And I’m not usually one to enoy tobacco flavours. If you are a current smoker, or have a current smoker in your life, tell them it’s Time to Evove!
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