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Ex-British Army member saying hello

Discussion in 'Armed Services Forum' started by dan1989, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. dan1989

    dan1989 New Member

    Jun 26, 2018
    Hi guys,

    Was a little surprised and pleased to see a forum just for us. I served in the British Army in 1st Battalion (armoured infantry), Princess of Wales Royal Regiment from 18-23 until unfortunately I was medically discharged in 2013 due to a hella bad leg injury while in Afghanistan.

    Far from a cool story, I fell over when I slipped and caught my leg between two rocks, managed to rupture my knee tendon (complete tear) and despite surgery and little over 6 months recovery, it was never the same and hasn't been right since, so that's that as they say. Hurts like hell in cold weather to the point of basically crippling me.

    Resetting hit me pretty hard and the 2 years after being discharged I was pretty much just drinking and smoking (Other stuff) from wake until sleep. Bad times.

    Things are good now, got a reasonably well paid job, beautiful wife and kids, looking to the future and not what could have been. Not touched the (Other stuff) in 6 months and haven't drank a drop of booze for 3 years. Ok, I carried on with things for longer than I should, but what can I say I had a good time and I'm past it.

    Here's to you, guys.
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