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Experience with Absolutelyecigs?

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I was wondering if anyone had experience with absolutelyecigs.com? Is it a good place to order from for a first time vaper? I was looking at the starter kits, and I like the look of the brown Smoore M401 they have and was wondering if anyone had ever tried it? While I like the style of it, I'll forgo it if it doesn't perform well. I'm really anxious to order, so I have something in-hand ASAP, but I wanted to ask opinions first -- I don't want my eager impatience to dash my first impressions of vaping if I can help it, lol.

Also, if you'd like to recommend another site instead, you're more than welcome to do that as well.

Thank you so much!


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Feb 10, 2009
GA by way of WV
    I'm not familar with Absolute. As far as a good beginning PV (personal vaporizer), from my experience and the majority I have read on this site, I would strongly suggest getting a manual switch PV and not an auto switch PV such as the 401. Manuals provide better and more consistent performance and definitely more reliablity than the auto switch's IMO.

    Rule of Thumb: the more it looks like the real thing, the worse the performance and reliability.

    The two manuals that are closer in size to the real thing but still perform well are the Joye 510 and the Manual (not auto) DSE901. Here are some well supported suppliers by forum members:

    Several Joye 510 & Manual DSE901 Suppliers:

    Home - Rocky Mountain Vapor you have reached the mountain top of electronic cigarettes!
    Heaven-gifts.com Ruyandirect.com Best E-smoking Shop
    www.eastmall.net - Eastmall International Co.,Ltd
    e-Smokey Treats - Electronic Cigarette's, The healthy alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette's

    Good Luck


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    Apr 1, 2009
      Hi Scarlette...welcome to the forum!

      I think Absoluetlyecigs is Smoore, the M series manufacturer. I ordered my first 401 from them...they're a good supplier. I agree with wv about the manual batteries (I have the 510), but the 401 is a good performer and would be a good starter e-cig. The only thing is that the atomizers need a few days to break in. You'll also want to get some extra atomizers and batteries and also some e-liquid to refill the carts.

      There are a lot of good suppliers here in the U.S. for the 401. I would recommend Shawn at Home - LitecigUSA.


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      Apr 5, 2009
        definitely buy from a US supplier. They are as cheap if not cheaper than AEC's.

        If you get a dud from AEC you will have to order more stuff to get your dud replaced.

        I spent $80 my first order from them and they were total asswipes to get replacement parts for the duds.

        Like you I was a noob, and didn't know better. Search the supplier subforums on the main page for 401 deals.
        Thank you all for your quick [and very helpful] replies! I think the thing about the 401s that made me subconsciously reluctant to research much into other devices was the style alone -- I absolutely love the brown/woodgrain/tortoise shell types. Maybe the fact that, as a smoker, I smoked Djarum Specials makes me nostalgically bias.

        That being said though, the idea of the manual battery and inherent benefits of such in the 510 was enough to make me begin heavier research on it -- not to mention the PCC availability. I think a matte black exterior and a shorter battery life might be tolerable for those two things alone.

        Something tells me, even as a newcomer to this alternative, that I'll end up owning that stylish 401 I see in my head as well, but - for now - I think the 510 will be my gateway into vaping.

        Thank you for the nod in the right direction for a positive first experience, the welcome, and the advice to keep business in the U.S. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about the complications of returns and replacements that shopping out-of-country may have provided! :oops:

        I'm happy to have found all the information and helpful people that seem to be on this forum...I'd be spinning circles in the dark without it, lol. I'll be sure to post more when I actually receive my ecig, juices, and such. Thank you again.


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        Oct 23, 2008
          Absolutelyecigs.com will win you over for sure. Just try them once. They are not on the forums as they are a manufacturer and may result in a conflict of interest with their "customers" on the forum. This is also a good thing as there will be virtually no fake advertising from this supplier.

          They have the best customer service period and shipping time is as fast as 5 days from my own experience. You don't even feel like you are buying from China as their english is just excellent. You are also guaranteed that you are buying genuine Smoore stuff fresh off the production line. They even support the ECA cause.

          All chinese suppliers will officially require the return of dead parts for replacements. From what i can see, the replacement policy of AEC is pretty good. You save on the cost of returning the item (you can of course still insist on returning) and get replacements free in your next order. I don't see any problems with this and i sometimes even get the replacements without placing a new order. I think this has a lot to do with scammers on the net. If a company just blindly replaces parts without requiring the return of the parts, i don't see them in business for long.

          Edit: Please direct me to a chinese supplier that sends replacement with no questions asked (no conditions) and also pays for shipping.
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          Fedor, I have a feeling I will no doubt be ordering from them sometime in the future. The brown and black m401 is just too lovely to forget, lol. Also, hopefully by then, I'll have more experience with vaping and will know more accurately beforehand what to expect as far as my own personal basic maintenance needs will be (outside of variables like unexpected breaks or duds); therefore, I should feel more comfortable with having an idea of what & when I would need to order to circumvent the issue of sitting on my hands while I wait for out-of-country transactions to complete.

          For this reason, it's also nice to hear that they have such fast shipping times and good customer service. Thank you so much for the info! :D


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          Oct 23, 2008
            therefore, I should feel more comfortable with having an idea of what & when I would need to order to circumvent the issue of sitting on my hands while I wait for out-of-country transactions to complete.

            With Paypal, out of country transactions are no different from local transactions. You either use a CC or paypal balances to complete your transactions. Its instant and country you buy from does not make any difference.

            Paypal has been closing down US accounts that sells ecigs but Asian accounts are not at all affected.

            Glad to be of help.
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