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Fasttech Missing Delivery Item.

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Feb 27, 2014
Queens, NY, USA
    I received my first order from fast tech after two months wait. I ordered eight ego pen batteries along with many other things but ego was not included in the package while attached invoice has a description of it.

    I contacted the support right away but still haven't heard from them. It's getting close to 24 hrs now. Will they help resolve this? Paid about $35 for the missing item.

    Has anyone had similar situation that was resolved or unresolved?

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    Jan 29, 2014
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
      FastTech is pretty good about answering questions. I think I saw on their site that they need 24 to 36 hr or something like that to answer. I have gone back and forth with them a few times via email in the past couple of weeks and they were very responsive. I am betting that they had to send the battery buy a different shipper and it is on its way to you but is a bit behind the rest of your stuff.


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      Jun 12, 2013
      AR, USA
        FT can be a little slow in responding to Customer Service tickets... although you have to take into consideration they only work Mon-Fri normal business hours... Hong Kong Time. 8am EDT is 8pm in Hong Kong.

        As others said check for a split shipment.

        I've had items missing before. Open a ticket. Take a picture of the whole order's contents as you received it. Obviously the missing items won't be there... But they asked me for that both times this occurred. They've made good on both occasions after a few rounds of communications "challenges". Usually about 1-3 business days between responses from them.
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