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Fathers Day SALE @ GP

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Unregistered Supplier
ECF Veteran
Apr 15, 2009
Ephrata PA USA
    Happy Fathers Day to all!

    GP has a few items on sale at the moment.


    GP USA Liquid

    808 cartos $6.99

    Line of GPDD22 on sale
    with the matte black batts and selection of cartos arriving very soon.

    510 list of atomizers on sale.

    Folks, stay tuned....lots more will be on sale.
    NEW liquid, and more!

    And a nice freebie that will come in handy.:ohmy:


    Ultra Member
    ECF Veteran
    Aug 24, 2009
    Clarkston, Michigan
      Two people asked me today what I got him for Father's Day....I told them, nothing! I said he isn't my father..lol.......

      Seriously, Linc's (my youngest grandson as of right now) birthday is to be celebrated tomorrow and our daughter's plan on having a combined Father's Day party. Our son is still awaiting the birth of his son (July 23).

      You remind me of my son------both good businessmen, both compassionate, both good looking (lol) and both of you have dark hair (I think that comes from the mailman because we are all light haired)...a joke of ours for years.

      Take care Rob and take care of Lyza and the kids.


      Ultra Member
      ECF Veteran
      Dec 5, 2009
      USA-Western NY
        "more to come" (scarey words there Rob!)

        ALSO---->Happy Dads Day Dads.... each and everyone one of you ...Rob included Sandy excluded hehehe awe what she's no Dad but if her day isn't happy... then what are the odds for his hehe.... you all are included even want Sandy to have a good day too..it is a good prophet kinda thing!
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