Finally made the switch

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Mar 20, 2009
    But I don't recommend my least not the motivator

    I have a drawer full of various e-cigs and could just never make the switch for long and then.........

    I had a heart attack.

    The Doc told me that I had few other risk factors than smoking at minimum 2 packs a day.

    Of course they were offering me nic patches, lozenges etc but after 3 days nicotine free in the hospital I didn't want nicotine in any form so I decided to vape 0 nicotine instead.

    It's helped alot. On my second week smoke and nicotine free I think I can stay off analogs and nicotine in all forms now and I imagine I can eventually quit vaping altogether.

    Thank god this technology was available, as I have grave doubts that I wouldn't be smoking Marlboros again if it wasn't, that's how addicted I was.
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