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First 12 hours into the VV/VW world with Sigelei Zmax V5, Kanger ProTank 2, .5mm ribbon kanthal.

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Nate M., Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Nate M.

    Nate M. Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 18, 2013
    Cape Cod, MA
    Hey guys!

    First off I wanna say thank you to this forum for being amazing. I and my wife have had eRoll's for about 1.5 months now, and while they are great for being out and about, I still craved analogs a bit, and all of my flavors fell into 3 groups; menthol/fruit/dessert.

    I received my V5(SS) and ProTank 2 from exhalevapors yesterday, and from the time I got home from work last night until now I have not slept. I ordered them on Saturday, and they arrived Wednesday with priority mail. I also received a 50ft spool of ribbon kanthal from TemCo.. Hehe


    Please note, I tinkered with our eRoll's until they were perfect to me. That was a 2mm silica wick wrapped in 1 layer of 400 SS mesh. Lol, that was a project in itself. Regardless, I have been dying to get a mod as well as a rebuildable clearo.

    I've been busy lol.


    After FINALLY tasting all of my flavors (everything is muted in the eRoll) and playing with wattage on the 2.4ohm head, I decided to put in the 1.8ohm head to vape while I rip apart the 2.4ohm.


    Note the stock coil is so uneven and I dunno, just looks funny to me. Anyways, I decided to put my research to practice.


    With trial and error, finally got this thing to fire with 10/11 wraps.. Note to self, order .4mm ribbon instead of .5mm next time. I tried 6/7, 8/9, and I got 'Low Load'. Please note, I had to roll it super tight to get it to fit, a definite downside of ribbon over regular wire.


    My best 'pat yourself on the back' moment in a while xD

    To re-cap:

    .5mm x .1mm ribbon kanthal A1
    10/11(very tight) turns
    3mm silica wick (added 2 strands of 1mm silica flavor wicks on top to prevent leaking)
    = about 1.5ohms

    Hitting great, awesome vapor and flavor over the stock 1.8ohm head! After researching a LOT, glad I settled on the Sigelei Telescope. I was afraid it would be too large, or rattly, but it's perfect. Other than the threads needing some lube I am definitely happy. I'm running it with an 18500 and it's just barely telescoped.

    Next step, order some MBV juice, Jwraps and a spinner for my wife.

    If anyone would like any more pics or info please feel free. It's about time I contribute!

  2. Minpinny

    Minpinny New Member

    Aug 16, 2013
    Minnesota, USA
    Thanks for the great write up! I'm going to be ordering a Zmax v5 this week as an upgrade to my twists. I already have a Protank II on hand and it looks like a great combo!
  3. Ryan555

    Ryan555 Full Member

    Jul 31, 2013
    Kansas City, MO
    That's great! The V5 is one of the ones I've been contemplating to upgrade to from my twist. Thanks for the info.
  4. Nate M.

    Nate M. Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 18, 2013
    Cape Cod, MA
    Glad it was helpful to you guys :) happy vaping!

  5. terry w

    terry w Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 1, 2012
    Manchester UK
    Hey nate,

    I recently started using the ribbon wire, and it does perform fantastic. You just need to add a couple of drippers to your collection now, and get blowing some serious clouds.:D
  6. BeatboxHero

    BeatboxHero Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 26, 2013
    Great post! As you can see from my profile picture on the left <---- I have a Zmax with a Protank 2. Of course I have the V3....I am very jealous of your V5 :glare: Maybe I will upgrade to the V5 sometime and use my V3 as a backup.

    Anyways, I really appreciate this info I was about to buy some kanthal wire and try my hand at rebuilding and this gives me all the details I needed! I will probably get a RBA but at least I know how to rebuild my Protank coils now. Again, thank you! :vapor:
  7. Nate M.

    Nate M. Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 18, 2013
    Cape Cod, MA
    Glad I could help! I tried doing research to figure out how to wrap with the ribbon for a Protank coil and could not find anything. So I jumped in with the trial and error approach haha. I'm glad it helps and hope the ribbon works out well for you!

    Terry: I have tons of DIY materials on the way from MBV and should be getting here tomorrow! I'm told dripping is the best way to test out your DIY juice, but have no idea where to start. Is there a certain dropper you could recommend? Thanks a bunch!

  8. Monkey7

    Monkey7 Full Member

    Mar 20, 2012
    Wow, that is one smexy setup! It's wonderful you have a vaping partner, so much fun to have another person right there to exchange opinions and on-the-spot reviews with, as well as keeping one another strong should either get a temptation. Fantastic.
  9. sturat5150

    sturat5150 Full Member

    Jul 28, 2013
    Denton, Tx, USA
    I am currently vaping on the Sigelei V5 with a protank that I just did my first rebuild on.
    I was surfing through the micro-coil thread and decided I had to try it out. I wrapped a micro coil of 30ga A-1 Kanthal around a stainless steel toothpick out of my pocketknife. I did 8 wraps with the coils tight and touching, and it came out at 2.2 ohms. Pulled some sterile cotton through the coil and BA-BAM... Love at first vape ! Miles above the stock coils, super clean flavor and clouds of vapor.
  10. Spydro

    Spydro Sindoyen Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 20, 2013
    After getting into the mods with 3 Sigelei mechanical mods I got in on the preorder for the Zmax V5. Have had it for about 11-12 days, have ran Kanger Mini T3's, EVOD's and two Pro Tank 2's on it so far. It became the flagship almost immediately, gets used every day (sitting here on my computer desk with a PT2 on it right now with my favorite DIY juice). I'm running EVOD coils in the PT's, like the draw better. Almost have all of the stuff to start making my own coils. I'll be doing 3mm silica wicks with no flavor wicks first (have the wick and 34, 32 and 28 wire already). Also have SS mesh and 2mm silica wick coming as well. Will be buying a couple of atty's as soon as I decide which ones to buy. I'm experimenting a lot with my DIY liquids and they'd be perfect for that. I think a RSST is on the list though as well...

    Even with the PT2 on it it's pretty compact in 18650 config, not much more than a handful in 18350. All of my Sigelei mech mads can be ran in either config as well. Like the versatility.
  11. terry w

    terry w Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 1, 2012
    Manchester UK

    Hey nate i would suggest reading some of the posts on the rba sub forum, As there are many different rba`s out there.

    i myself am currently running with this $5.10 V5 Electronic Cigarette Round Mouth Detachable Dripping Atomizer - 1.0. it performs fantastic, i just run it single coil with 3mm silica and 4 turns of ribbon. That gives me 1.1 ohm`s, which is perfect for my mech`s. If your mod is regulated, you will have to do a couple more turn`s of wire to get a higher resistance. I am also wating for my trident dripper to arrive. if you do get the V5 just remember to drill out the stock airhole to 1.5 mm,and you will be blowing clouds. watch jimi D in the video`s lol
  12. speedy112790

    speedy112790 Full Member

    Feb 2, 2013
    Sultan Wa
    Thats exactly what I have been doing with my protank coils except 0.4 mm. Make sure you circumsize the rubber gromet at the top oh so slightly (cut just the top ring part off). If you over cut it, it will short. After I did that the random rubber taste I got once in awhile went away :p :toast:
  13. Kellycat

    Kellycat Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 3, 2013
    Cary, NC, USA
    Was looking for something like this just the other day, as I have kanthal ribbon coming my way and wanted to know if I could pull off a Protank/Evod rebuild with it. Looks like the answer is yes, and I'll be sure to pick up some 0.4 ribbon next order.
  14. Nate M.

    Nate M. Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 18, 2013
    Cape Cod, MA
    Let me know how the .4mm works out! I may have to order some since the .5mm gives me trouble in that tiny coil space -_-

  15. triphop631

    triphop631 New Member

    Aug 7, 2013
    Ronkonkoma, NY
    Hey guys I just got the zmax v5 and am having a hard time shutting it off. I hit the button 5 times continuous but it just brings me to number 2 on the menu. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk 4
  16. dallas653

    dallas653 New Member

    Sep 22, 2013
    Rome, NY
    Hi Guys, I also just got my Sigelei zmax v5 and I am loving it so far. It is a nice step up from my ego setup. I am looking to get an extra set of batteries for it, but am having trouble trying to figure out what kind to get. I want to get one 18650 and one 18350. The included manual says" Do not use the protected batteries", does that mean I can only use unprotected batteries in this device? Has any one else tried to use protected batteries in this device and will they harm my device?
  17. RedNBlack

    RedNBlack Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 18, 2013
    NE Georgia USA
    Hey there triphop631,
    Think the Chinese "universal translator" should have been run a second time on the manual. :glare:
    The 5 clicks appears to only work on waking up the v5, after a battery change.
    To disable the fire button on the v5, you have to go into Menu option 1. Out On/Off and select "Out Off".

    Checking to see if I can find the hard copy manual that shipped with my v5........:blink:
  18. Eskrima

    Eskrima Full Member

    Oct 11, 2013
    Protank 2 and Zmax tele, very good looking setup man. I want that! :D
  19. RedNBlack

    RedNBlack Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 18, 2013
    NE Georgia USA
    Hey dallas653,
    The hard copy manual that came with my Sigelei Zmax v5 shows the following:
    (cut and paste from the manual)

    Kit Contents:
    ZMAX Telescopic V5+ VV/VW Mod - Brushed Steel

    1 x 18650 Protected Lithium Batteries
    1 x 18350 Protected Lithiume Battery
    1 x CE4 Clearomizer
    1 x Lithium Battery Charger with Us Adapter
    1 x Instruction Manual The New
    1x Mobile Usb Charger
    Not sure how good the Chinese "universal translator" was working..... :glare:

    They state the "blue batteries" shipped with the kit are "Protected"
    and the "Instruction Manual The New".......not sure now how to respond to your OP. :blink:

    Checking out the Mod Forum found a post from yzer

    The more common Li-ion batteries are ICR batteries. The chemistry is different from IMR batteries. The "safer" ICR is called a protected battery and has electronic protection circuits built-in against internal and external battery short circuits, over or under charge, and over discharge. They also have construction features to allow venting and to prevent fire or explosion during malfunctions."
  20. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 9, 2013
    Boca Raton, FL
    You should use unprotected batteries with your regulated mods as far as i can tell. They almost all have protection built in, so it shouldnt be a problem.

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