Fizzpop’s Juice Reviews: Alice in Vapelands’s A Quiet Morning

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May 6, 2013
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This is my current all day vape. Subtle and light, it is for me almost perfect in every way. The green tea flavor is very subtle, with just a hint of astringency, followed by the soft sweetness of passionfruit. A wonderful vape!

Overall score: 5/5

Vendor’s Description
Hints of green tea and passionfruit . . . to be enjoyed in absolute peace.

Ordering and Shipping 4/5
The Alice in Vapeland website is easy to navigate; orders are easy (maybe too easy) to place. A confirmation email is sent on placement of an order. When the order ships another email is sent along with a tracking number. It appears all orders are shipped First Class USPS. Shipping charges are average, but reasonable. Do not, however, expect to get your order quickly. Alice in Vapeland is a boutique vendor; the store opens each Tuesday at midnight and only stays open until they reach capacity for the week. Orders ship in 10-14 days. If you like Alice’s juices, you need to plan ahead. No last minute emergency orders here. I give this a ⅘ because once you accept that you are dealing with a boutique vendor, you realize everything is very much spot on, despite the long delivery times.

Packaging 5/5
I’ve never seen more creative packaging. Each order comes packed in a sturdy cardboard box stuffed full of colorful strips of paper as packing materials. The inside of each box is hand decorated with whimsical illustrations and each order is accompanied by a personalized message and “Alice in Wonderland” themed playing card. (We are slowly working on completing our own Alice deck!)

Alice’s juice comes in high quality amber glass bottles with glass drippers. A small metal charm is attached to the neck of each bottle; each flavor has its own unique charm. These help in identifying each juice, and are fun to collect. My wife decorates her PV with them.

Several 3ml samples are included in each order, a real plus.

Sample Size
I ordered yet another 60ml bottle of A Quiet Morning when the Vaplandian portal was open this last Tuesday. This brings my total to 210ml ordered so far. We can’t keep enough of this wonderful juice around. This review is based on long term use.

Type of Device
I have tried this juice in a variety of devices: a Genesis style tank, a Kanger MT3 bottom coil tank, and a rebuildable dripping atomizer. I find the flavor is slightly sweeter in the T3 Kanger tank. A great vape in all devices.

Out of the Bottle
Nicotine level tested: 18mg
Color: Almost perfectly clear with a very slight green/yellow cast.
Aroma: Sweet with passionfruit clearly evident.
PG/VG Ratio: Unknown. (90%+ VG is available on request.)

Flavor 5/5
This juice has a very clean taste. Slightly sweet on the inhale, with a subtle green taste. In the mouth the passionfruit blooms. The exhale reveals a slight floral aroma, with a very subtle sweet finish. A delightful, light and airy vape. This, like most flavors from Alice in Vapeland, is a subtle experience. Don’t expect in your face flavors, you must seek out the intricate flavors, but in doing so, you will be richly rewarded.

Throat Hit
Light throat hit. This is an easy vape.

A Quiet Morning produces nice clouds of vapor from every device. The aroma is soft, with a slight green tea and tart citrus quality. Very subtle.

I found this juice great right out of the bottle. Very easy on coils, very little residue.

Customer Service 5/5
I can’t say enough good things about Alice in Vapeland’s customer service. On one occasion, they contacted me because one of the drip-tips I had ordered was out of stock. They replaced it with a better drip-tip and than the one I ordered, and then shipped me the one I had originally ordered at a later date. On another occasion, I did not get my normal email order confirmation; I was able to call them, immediately talk to a wonderful human who confirmed they did have my order and that all was well. Every time I have called this vendor they have been gracious, engaged, and extremely helpful. This is customer service done right. Alice in Vapeland isn’t just a company, it is a group of extremely wonderful *people* willing to connect with their customers.

The Wife Says...
Nice all day vape. Not too sweet, not too overpowering. Definitely one of my favorite vapes. Good thing we’ve got the big bottle to share - I don’t want to run out of this one! Big vape, lots of clouds. Very tasty, and gently tart. Passionfruit reminds me of mango with a citrus edge. The aroma has a nice tangy sweetness.

About the Vendor
Alice in Vapeland specializes in all natural flavors with a unique twist. Relatively limited product line. Product descriptions are somewhat opaque and mysterious, but their juices are consistently of a very high quality. They are located in Albuqueque, NM and ship world-wide.

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