Flavoring recipe: Toasted Coconut Biscotti

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Sep 2, 2013
    I'm very pleased with this sweet, toasty, coconut, crunchy cookie flavor. It tastes more like biscotti than macaroons, really nice.
    If you've found (as I have) that coconut flavorings have weird aftertastes, try this combination. It has eliminated the musty exhale that I usually get with coconut, yay! These are pretty potent flavorings, so these are low percents. First as a normal recipe in expected format:

    1% FlavourArt Cookie
    1% TFA Coconut Candy (other coconuts don't work as well in this recipe, imo)
    1% TFA Brown Sugar Extra

    Next, the way I actually make it:
    Mix equal amounts of the 3 flavorings in a small bottle - no base - label it "Toasted Coconut Biscotti". Warm bath, shake, then use it as a flavoring. I like it best at 2%, a bit less strong than the recipe above.

    I've loved all these other uses, too:
    add a drop of Toasted Coconut Biscotti flavoring (no base) to a chai recipe or liquid - excellent!
    add a drop to your key lime pie or banana cream pie recipes to add the taste of toasted coconut sprinkles.
    a couple drops in mocha or cappuccino flavors makes a tasty fancy coffee
    a drop or two in your favorite vanilla recipe or e-liquid adds a toasty coconut background
    a bit in Jamaican Rum is YUM!

    So try just the 3 flavors together first, and please post what you think. I'll bet you all can come up with lots of other uses for sweet, toasted coconut. Hope you like it!
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