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Flavourings HappyVaper Should Stock

Discussion in 'HappyVaper' started by Joe81, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Joe81

    Joe81 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2009
    i'm sure other ppl, like me, want to ask for certain flavorings @ happyvaper...i noticed there is no thread for it, so here goes...i'm sure Happyvaper can't get us all the flavorings we want, so please post to mention which flavors you agree on...

    -banana (capella)
    -banana creme (lorann's)
    -cuban supreme tobacco (flavorart)
    -honey (lorann's)
    -lemonade (lorann's)
    -maple (lorann's)
    -red licorice (lorann's)

    and some others, but they're in premade that i can try elsewhere first...

    EDIT/UPDATE: can a mod change title to "Flavorings HappyVaper should stock" or something better hehe, sorry about that...
  2. VinnieVapor

    VinnieVapor Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2009
    Near Montreal QC
    Seriously !

    I just received and tried my two new flavours from Happy Vapor :

    The exclusive Vanilla Custard (Capella) and the Happy Choice Beer (flavourArt).


    Vanilla custard is an unbeleivable strenght : I just opened the shipping enveloppe and was submerged by the smell even if the bottle was closed and was in a small ziplock bag !
    I should I have known ... I put about 15 drops in a 3ml bottle: BIG BIG BIG mistake ... the taste is too intense (I can't beleive someone is actually vaping it straight and I cannot beleive some asked for 2x strenght of this).

    I don't have a bigger bottle to dilute it :cry:

    ( Jack: You have to offer bigger dropper bottles (between 6ml and 10ml)).

    But, Idea : that 3ml mix will go into my the remaining 15 ml of my bad 20 ml Dekang Vanilla bottle juice -> presto: all that bottle is now vanilla custard flavour :D

    I also smelled the beer flavor flavor bottle . Seems to be realy intense too. This time I will add only one drop at a time !
    Really nice blond floral beer smell.... I have to try it now :evil:

    2 drops in 2.5 ml ... it taste vanilla custard.... I have to wash that atomizer better.. the new cart also now have a Vanilla Custard smell !

    Time to try another atomizer and another cart !
    I try ...the 2 drops gives a light taste, quite enjoyable. I add a 3rd drop : too much but this time I am able to dilute it to 3ml.
    I really like it :) 1 drop per ml and the taste is perfect for me.

    Those flavours are so much more intense than the mango and cofee I got before. (I must admit that after 2 week without a cigrette my taste sense is a lot better now)
  3. VinnieVapor

    VinnieVapor Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2009
    Near Montreal QC
    Hey Joker, I tought you were after flavour suggestions for you.
    From Happy Vaper I'd like to see cinnamon and other size of empty bottles.
  4. VinnieVapor

    VinnieVapor Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2009
    Near Montreal QC
    Vanilla Custard is excellent but I cannot vape it for more that a few minutes. I am looking for all day vapes flavours so I tought of a cinnamon flavor similar to gum. No more sweet desserts for me !

    I tried Licorice before: the smell of Licorice is perfect but vaping it dries my throat too much. I fear cinnamon may do the same.

    In the comming months I will definitely try Pumpkin Spice, Lemon and cinnamon.

    I have some question for Happy Vaper or anybody that have the answer:

    • What is "SnickerDoodle" is it a Snickers bar Candy taste ?
    • What is "MangoSteen" is it the Mango fruit flavor I ordered before ?
    • Do you have a cofee stronger than Capella Coffee Bean ? Is it good or should I simply stay with coffee bean but order the bigger bootle ? LorAnn Coffee is quite dark (have caramel color) but if it is really strong I do not car since it will get diluted a lot. Some have recommended kuala coffee...
    • Do FlavourArt Brandy and Rum taste like the real thing ? Is it a spicy rum of a white rum ?
    • Do you have a pipe tobbacco flavor (something like Captain black ?)
    • Any all day vapes to suggest ?
  5. Happy Jack

    Happy Jack Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Hey Vinnie!

    Cinnamon? Hmm... wait for it... :)

    • Snickerdoodle is definitely supposed to be like Snickers.
    • You can find out more about Mangosteen here... "the fragrant edible flesh can be described as sweet and tangy, citrusy with peach flavor and texture." Smells wonderful. Haven't tried it yet. The fig is AWESOME, though!
    • From my recollection (it's been a while), the LorAnn's Keoke coffee is much stronger, and I think we have one here (not on the site but here -- yours if you want it). It is very dark, though.
    • The FlavourArt Brandy and Rum do taste like the real thing. The Rum is a sweet rum. Hints of Butter Rum, too...
    • No pipe tobacco flavour, yet, but we do have French Pipe no-nic e-liquid that really is VERY reminiscent of a real french pipe, IMHO.
    • With respect to all-day vapes, I'll let others chime in. I wouldn't know where to start. Mine is RY4 18mg. But, sorry, we don't sell or even recommend that people use nic with these devices. :D
    Hope that helps!

    Vape Happy!
  6. Think Tink

    Think Tink Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 6, 2009
    Vancouver, Canada
    I just figured out tonight that you can change the topic title, after you hit edit, there's a link for advanced or go advanced and it gives you an editable subject.
  7. Happy Jack

    Happy Jack Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Title Updated. Thanks, Joker!
  8. Joe81

    Joe81 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2009
    yea i used to do this all the time in forums, i thought that didn't work here, or i guess i got so used to posting/editing the lazy way i forgot hehe...:)
  9. Happy Jack

    Happy Jack Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Hey Joker!

    Just to let you know, apart from the Cuban Supreme Tobacco, which we do intend to carry, it is just quite new, the other flavours have not been included in our offerings for a number of reasons. Based on a lot of research on ECF, the consensus has been that sugar and artificial food colourings were no-nos for vaping and for a flavouring to be vape-safe, it should be water soluble. Therefore, we have excluded any flavourings like that, so:

    LorAnn - Banana Creme - yellow colouring
    Honey - only comes in 1 oz. no dram bottles
    Lemonade - Insoluble in water
    Maple - Contains maple sugar,
    Red Licorice - Red 40, Blue 1.

    We will be getting in a Capella Banana and FlavourArt's Cuban Cigar on our next orders...

    Happy Vaping!
  10. Joe81

    Joe81 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2009
    i see...yea, i didn't fully check if they were vape safe, there's just too many flavors all over hehe...good to know about the banana & cubans coming, those are the 2 flavors i wanted most & is big reason i made this thread hehe...:)

    EDIT/UPDATE: i tried premade banana & just tried cuban now...although my taste buds died again recently, they seem to vape just fine, i'll update if my revived taste buds hate 'em hehe...btw, i love the banana smell...
  11. larktdl

    larktdl Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 7, 2009
    Strathmore, AB
    he he he ... about 3 weeks after I quit analogs I decided that if I can quit the analogs then I can also give up the booze\beer. Amazing what you can do if you have a e-cig in your mouth. Thanks to Jack I can now have my beer: It is very very strong, you don't need alot in a 3ml bottle, but I always liked the taste of beer. First batch I made with beer flavour I added 10 drops, wow: Intense. Think I'll will now vape some. Cheers!
  12. VinnieVapor

    VinnieVapor Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2009
    Near Montreal QC
    It is funny you say that.

    Since I started vaping I no longer feel the need for a beer. I was drinking a one beer or two everyday. I think the regular cigarettes where making me have a beer and beer was making me have a regular cigarette.

    Tell me how you mixed your beer flavor: it was 10 drops in what ? Have you tried mixing it with other flavors ?
  13. lunaras

    lunaras Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 27, 2009
    The #1 flavor I am looking for is chai (yes I am an American, so chai=/=tea for me as it does in some places:)). I love chai lattes and I know I would be vaping this all day, every day.

    On second thought, maybe it's a good thing that no one carries this flavor yet...
  14. Happy Jack

    Happy Jack Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Hey Lunaras!

    Soon we should have all the ingredients for a chai latte, just not the blend. We'll look into it, though. Muhahaha!

    Happy Vaping!
  15. smokum

    smokum Canadian Moderator Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I only have ONE flavour/vapour request at the moment: Player's Lite King Size..... lol !

  16. larktdl

    larktdl Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 7, 2009
    Strathmore, AB
    I do believe that I mixed it a 3 ml bottle ... About 1/2 (1.5 ml) 26 mg Mild Seven, 10 drops beer and topped with it off with 1/2 & 1/2 pg/vg
  17. VinnieVapor

    VinnieVapor Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2009
    Near Montreal QC
    Thaks for this info. I tend to mix with tobbacco flavors myself because it is what I had bought. I also have MildSeven and since it have a light tobbacco taste it is the one I use the most for my mixes.

    I found that I can mix tobbacco with almost anything but I hit a wall when trying to mix Pumpkin Pie with 555. It was awful. I do not know if it is because 555 have a strong nut flavor or if there was a kind of chemical reaction with the spices flavor but the result was really bad. The strangest thing is that 555 alone is great.

    At the moment I'm trying to remember with what juice I mixed that Pumkin Pie the first time that gave me such a wonderfull result. Was it RY4 ?

    Anyway, I will mix a new beer batch soon. Cheers !
  18. VinnieVapor

    VinnieVapor Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2009
    Near Montreal QC
    About once in every two days I seriously think about buying some... It generally last only a few minutes and I resist the temptation.

    I have an aunt that cold quit about 15 years ago. Everytime I was smoking near her she tried to breathe the smoke from my cigarette and said that it smelled good.

    There is no doubt that after being smokers for so long we will think to cigarettes again and again...
  19. angelique510

    angelique510 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Replies to several posts here:

    Snickerdoodle - I thought it was going to be those really yummy sugar cookies covered in cinnamon sugar. Boy was I disapointed! Once I realized it was supposed to be a Snickers bar, it was great! If you are looking for chocolate, caramel, and peanuts - it is spot on! It had a bad effect on me though. I vaped some and had to go out and buy a Snickers bar. So much for loosing weight. The flavor is exactly a snickers bar, but it is not chewy and crunchy :( I would hate to find out that vapor has calories - I l ove this stuff.

    Vanilla Custard - excellent. I'm going to order another bottle. I'm also going to try the new vanilla flavors - Madagascar, Tahiti, and traditional. (I like vanilla) But, I'm sorry Vinnie, nothing covers the taste of Dekang Vanilla. YUCK! What do they put in that stuff? It reminds me of the perfume my grammy used to wear - like old dusty flowers. I'll only mix with unflavored juice from now on. (Anybody want some Dekang?)

    Chai - I love that stuff! I have made it (the drink) from scratch. I use black tea, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, ginger, black pepper, and half & half. Happy Vapor now has all of those flavors, so we can mix away. I think I will used the condensed milk for the half & half. It should give it a nice sweet taste too. Please post any good recipes you come up with. Or maybe Jack can mix up a special batch of Chai and save us the work <wink & hint>

    I am going to try all the new tobaccos. My favorite juice so far is B&H. I wish I knew what makes Benson & Hedges so much better than any other toabcco vape; to my taste buds, anyways. I don't recall ever being that fond of their analogs. Their website says it is a sweet Virginia blend. (thank you John Rolfe) I am going to try to find a tobacco mix that matches it. I welcome suggestions though. I am fond of 555 too. If HappyVaper had that, it would make me happy.

    I'm also going to give the Vape Wizard a try. It sounds like it will help out some so-so flavors. A suggestion for another, not flavor but additive - sweetener for those of us who want that sweet taste. I read somewhere that something like sacchrine (not saccrine though- I'll have to look for that post and edit this one when I find it) adds sweetness without frying your atty.
    EDIT: found the thread

    I'm curious about the Hypnotic Mist and Golden Amber. I hope one of them is the flavor I have been looking for but am not allowed to talk about here. <smiles innocently at the moderator>

    I was going to hold off placing an order, but with all the new flavors and 20% off Christmas special, I'm going to have to. Oh, Jack, forget about the HappyVaper charge account that I asked for. My husband says I absolutely, positively, cannot have one :(

    I'll post with flavor reviews in a week or so.

    Merry Christmas!
  20. kareaga

    kareaga Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2009
    The following Capella flavours:

    Crumb Cake
    Double Chocolate
    French Vanilla
    New York Cheesecake

    Specially the Caramel and the Double Chocolate

    There you go :)
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