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Freemax GEMM 25W kit review by SP013

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by SP013, Jan 11, 2020.

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  1. SP013

    SP013 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 14, 2019
    Warsaw, Poland

    Today I have the Freemax GEMM 25W kit for review, it was sent to me specially to write this review.



    It is the first pod kit from Freemax and the first 510-pin pod with exposable tanks. The kit comes in 4 colors, I got the red one:


    Let’s start of with some pictures and information from the Freemax website so you can get to know the specifications of this kit:







    Inside the kit you’ll get below:

    - Freemax GEMM Pod (MTL 1.0ohm) x1

    - Freemax GEMM Pod (DTL 0.5ohm) x1

    - Freemax GEMM 25W Pod Mod x1

    - Replacement Silicon plug for pods x2

    - USB Charger x1

    - User Manual x1

    - Warning Card x1

    - Warranty Card x1


    What I think about the kit?

    It is so light weight, especially for a 1300 mAh battery mod. The reason being it so light is because it is made out of plastic, there is no metal parts on the outside of the mod or pods. For some people this might be a no, for me it is fine. The grippy design on the sides makes it a comfortable to hold grip.


    Very simple to operate it is, 5 clicks on/off, 3 clicks to switch between the different power (red, blue and green) and that’s it really. The one available button is on the large size and clicks well.

    Freemax themselves call it a pod mod, but I cannot agree with this as to me a pod mod needs to have the ability to adjust wattage from a 5-30/40 wattage range, to me this is just a pod with 3 different power levels. The power levels are just right for the pods, the different 3 levels are slightly different but you do feel the difference well while vaping.

    The display, if you can call it that, shows the battery level 25, 50, 75 and 100% which is a nice little feature.


    Pods are giving fantastic flavor, really, this is something that Freemax is really good at, building mesh coils.

    One thing that I find kind of strange is that the build of the DTL and MTL pods are indentical. The airflow, drip tip, size, capacity its all the same. Even the airflow inlets on the bottom of the coil have the exact same design.



    The DTL pod works like a charm, vapes well, performs well and the airflow option the pods give is just right for the wattage levels the pod provides. It gives nice dense clouds with lots of flavor. I just think the drip tip on the DTL is more for a MTL tank than DTL, but it does the job.



    The MTL Pods also work, there is for me just one minus here, the airflow. This is also why I mentioned I find it strange the pods have the exact same design. Even with the airflow fully closed you won’t get a nice tight draw, not sure why but from somewhere air is coming through as its still on the airy side to me. The flavor is great, but there is just too much air for me for a proper MTL hit. Of course maybe I am different than you, maybe you like it slightly airy, I just like it tight.


    Filling the pods can be done without making a mess of it, the fill hole is on the small side but even with larger bottles I am able to fill it with no issues. The rubber plug stays well into place and I haven’t experienced any leaking issues.


    Long lasting pods they are, as Freemax claims at least 20 refills and they are right. The coils do not suck up liquid as crazy as well, so even the 2ML capacity of the pods is not a really big disaster, the bigger the better of course.

    The 1300mAh battery keeps up well, even when using it with the DTL pod at its highest setting I am able to get a full day out of one charge. For the MTL pod it lasts about 1,5 day before I need to charge. Charging the device from 0 to 100% takes about an hour.

    Final thoughts:

    I would recommend this kit for those that are just starting off vaping and want something light and simple to operate. Also, for those that like pods and want to have the possibility to switch between DTL and MTL styles of vaping, MTL wise you need to like it quite loose though.

    Personally I only really enjoy using this kit with the DTL pod, it is a nice little light weight device that really can give a very nice and flavorful restricted DTL hit, even at 25 watts.

    If you are not into plastic devices then this is not for you, it has a bit of a cheap feel to it because of the plastic build.

    The Pods deliver fantastic flavor, I really love Freemax for their coils. Good thing is that they have a 510 pin, so even if you don’t want to have the device itself you can just buy those pods separately and use those on any mod with a 510 connector, worth a try for the price.

    The kit costs around 22-25 dollars and replacement pods cost around 10 dollars for a 2-pack.

    Hope you liked my review and if you have any questions about this kit, please ask.

    Take care,

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  2. bigbob2322

    bigbob2322 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2014
    Schiller PK IL USA
    Very nice write up @SP013 , seems you do feel almost the same as myself with regards to the Gemm 25W.
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