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Freemax GEMM kit, a SP013 Review

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by SP013, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. SP013

    SP013 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 14, 2019
    Warsaw, Poland
    Freemax Gemm 80W Kit review

    Hi there members of ECF,

    Today I have a review for you for the Freemax Gemm kit, this kit was sent to me by Freemax for the purpose of this review, of course this review is based on my honest experience and opinion.

    This kit consists of a pen-style device and disposable tanks that can be vaped at different wattage levels. There is different disposable tank options with different coil setups and ohms, the coils have a special patented 90% tea fiber cotton and diamond mesh, Freemax claims boost the flavor, in the user manual it says the following: The Coils of Freemax GEMM Tank are with new Patented Tea Fiber Cotton, which derived from 100% natural tea, with clean and healthy tea fragrance to refresh your flavors (no this does not mean your juice tastes like tea ). They also claim its budget friendly, one tank has the same price of a mesh coil. There is 6 coil/tank options, to which I will come back later on in this review.

    The device itself is a pen-style device with an internal 2900mAh battery. It is wattage adjustable in a way that it has 3 levels, depending on the tank/coil you use the device defines which levels are available, simply 3 clicks (when device is turned on) to switch between the levels, there is Soft (red), Medium (yellow) and Strong (Green).

    Below is a chart from the Freemax website that shows the different levels for the different tanks.


    So, let’s jump into it, and start with the packaging. It came in a nicely designed box with lots of information on the back about the device and GEMM tanks, inside the box you will find:

    - GEMM 80W VW Mod

    - GEMM Disposable tank (G2 Mesh Coil, 0.2ohm)

    - GEMM Disposable tank (G1 Mesh Coil, 0.15ohm)

    - USB Cable

    - User Manual

    - Warning card

    - Warranty Card

    What I liked is the fact that in this kit you will get 2 tanks that match the color of the device and that have different coil setups, this gives you the opportunity to try out 2 of the 6 disposable tanks available on the market. Also, the information on the back of the box gives you already a proper overview of what’s inside the box and what the kit is capable of.


    The device is around 80mm tall and has a diameter of 25mm, and therefor in size is comparable with the Smok Prince, Eleaf iJust 3 and Innokin Plexar. It has a build in 2900mAh battery that should last you most of your day of vaping. It is on the heavy side, which I personally like, but it is similar again to the sticks mentioned earlier on, it does not feel like holding a brick .

    The device is simple to operate, 5 clicks on/off, 3 clicks to change between the 3 wattage levels (40, 60 or 80W, depending on the coil as well). There is not more to the device then the fire-botton and USB port.


    I like the paint job, seems to not that easily scratch and feels high-end, no scratches so far after 2 weeks of use, which is rare for me . On the bottom of the device you will only find 6 venting holes, so no text whatsoever, which I personally prefer, a clean surface. FreeMax decided to do all the writing on the top side which is covered while a tank is connected to it.

    On the front side (where the fire button is placed) you will find the writing FreeMax®, and on the other side the ‘GEMM’ logo and a small writing ‘GEMM 80W’ under it. So overall not so much branding etc. on the device, which I like.

    The fire button is shaped as a gem, or should I say GEMM? it is nice and clicky, but in my opinion sticks out slightly too much, make sure the device is turned off before slipping it into your bag or pocket, you don’t want it to start firing while aware. That is something that could have been done different, but it’s not a massive con.

    On that GEMM fire button is a light shaped as a gem again, it shows Green while vaping if the battery is charged 60-100%, Yellow when 30-60% and red when 0-30% (time to charge).

    The battery is supposed to hold the whole day, which in my case it ALMOST does, but still need to charge it throughout the day for me to use this as my only device. It of course depends on the person using it, I generally use this device at its highest wattage setting and like to take long draws. I wouldn’t say I am a chain vaper, but I take around 10-15 draws per hour. Charging it from fully empty to full seems to take rather long, it is around 1.5 to 2 hours for it to charge fully, but that is what a v5 charger. Also, when the battery indicator light shows red, the performance does go down, so from my experience there is no constant voltage/wattage.

    I like the way you can switch between wattage levels, the lowest setting however I only used to break in a new tank/coil, as for vaping it for me is not satisfying enough. The yellow (medium) setting is much better, but I really love vaping these tanks on the highest wattage level. I think it’s a big plus that you have those 3 different level settings, makes it easier for people that start vaping to experiment in an easy way instead of exact wattage settings etc., just switch in between and see what you like most.

    What I like a lot as well is the firing speed, it is pretty much instantly firing up once you click the fire button and hits hard straight away.


    Disposable GEMM tanks:

    One thing that stands out immediately is the word ‘Disposable’, these tanks are simple in use and once the coil burns/starts tasting off you just toss is in the bin. Much more than the fill port and 510 connector pin there is not to it.

    There are 6 tank options with different coils:


    The tanks I received for this review are the G1- Single Mesh, G2- Double Mesh coil (0.2 ohm), G3 Triple Mesh Coil and G4- Quad Mesh Coil.

    All coils have the patented coils as described on the Freemax website:


    When taking a new tank you just need to pull the rubber plug on top of the tank and fill it with liquid. Inside the package and kit you get spare rubber seals in case it breaks, I however did not need to replace the rubber seal. One thing that is a bit tricky with filling is the fill port, it is not the biggest on the market and larger juice bottles might have issue filling it. The seal stays will in place, never had it leaking or opening unwanted.

    From my understanding only the G1 tanks have a 5 ML juice capacity while the G2, G3 and G4’s have a 4 ML capacity, that is probably due to the size of the coil it’s much more ‘fatty’.

    My overall experience which each tank is very positive if it’s about flavor, vapor production and ease of use. Each type of tank was pleasant to vape on, and I had a feeling the more coils the better the flavor, the difference is not big. The G4 for example taste wise is to me the best, but those 4 coils also love sucking in lots of juice. I myself enjoyed the G2 the most, simply because the flavor was already lovely, but my juice seemed to last longer, also the draw was the most pleasant, slightly more resistance while inhaling then the other coils. The G1 for me was also nice to use, but the others were just better. One noticeable difference is that the more coils the warmer the vape, the G4 has a much warmed vape than the G1, not HOT or anything, just warmer. The G1 also is a warmer vape, not cold or so.

    One more important thing to not forget, had 0 leaking on these tanks, which is a big plus

    The airflow slides nice and moves easily, when its wide open its very airy, a bit too airy for me. But you can have it as wide open and closed as you want. I liked it most around half open, not a restrictive lung hit, but also not a very airy one.



    From some research in some vape shops I also figured that the more coils are in the tank the pricier the tank is, the G1’s are the cheapest and the G4’s the priciest, but overall, they are not super expensive varying from 6 to 9$ for a 2-pack.

    Filling is simple, just pull the rubber plug up and fill, one downside is that the fill port is on the small side, bottles with larger pins might have trouble filling them up.

    Didn’t have any issue with the tank feeling hot or plastic melting down from the side.


    The drip-tip is not replaceable as its part of the whole tank, to me it’s a comfortable drip-tip with an 810 opening, some people might not like the fact that they are not able to use their own drip tips.

    The tanks were all clean from the outside and inside, as you would expect, for me it’s not an issue to vape from a tank out of the package without cleaning, I know quite some people like to clean their tanks before use to make sure any factory dirt is out of the tank, that cannot be done with this tank unfortunately.


    I’ve been using each tank for about a week, none of them so far have burned out and the drop of flavor is not very noticeable, it obviously depends on the liquid you vape. I myself vape 70/30 home-made liquids that are not too sweet and do not have too many flavoring (up to 10% max).

    What is great about these tanks is that they are compatible with other 510 devices, so even if you are not interested in buying the whole kit you can buy some tanks just to try, the price is like regular drop-in mesh coils, so financially it wouldn’t make much difference.

    My overall verdict is that this kit is a great starting point for those who want to experiment with DTL vaping, but even for those who already vape for years, the tanks delivers great flavor for the same price as other mesh coils.

    What I like the most about this kit?

    · Flavor

    · Ease of use

    · Battery capacity

    · Overall design

    · Overall concept of disposable tanks

    · Different wattage modes

    · Ability to try 6 different coils

    · No leaking

    What could have been better?

    · Bigger fill port

    · Ability to change the drip tip

    Hope you liked this review and it was informational for you, any suggestions for my future reviews, please let me know!

    Thanks for reading!
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